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Aside from the very obvious fact that I would need to grow my following tenfold (and the rest!), I just don't know if I'm the type of person that could make a career in blogging whether full-time, part-time or what! Because being totally honest, I'm not a strong enough person for such a cut-throat industry. I'm at the stage with my blog where some brands offer payment, others gifting opportunities; I'm happy with both and I'm not about to ask for more because, hello, my numbers don't really warrant it and it's important to be aware of that fact. But in either case, I've had brands literally HOUND me for more content or information and I just don't like it. It took me a while before I learnt to say no to opportunities that didn't feel right, I'd be too scared and simply ignore the emails (sorry!). Now, a polite 'Thanks for reaching out, but I don't think this is the right fit' works. But what do you say when you've already agreed to a collaboration and then things change?

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I've always been a very shy and timid person, afraid to speak my mind. That's just the type of person I am and I can't seem to change it, however much I try! But when there's a computer screen to hide behind I've been able to ~fake it till you make it~ and act confident because there's no physical confrontation involved. Until now. And I don't know what's changed? I don't know whether it's because I'm still learning how this all works, I don't feel confident enough in standing my ground, or whether it's that I don't want to risk losing an opportunity that I'm excited about. I feel like I'm being a pushover and I don't want to be! 


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heart autumn blog It's hard enough trying to grow your following these days, what with Instagrams ever-changing algorithms, the constant follow-unfollow on every platform, and 'big' bloggers telling you that nobody even reads blogs anymore (spoiler: I do, and I know plenty others who do! But if they don't... well can you even trust a writer who doesn't read?) I just don't want bad experiences with PR's to put me off blogging as well as these factors, because it has been. I've not dealt with a lot of PR's (I, obviously, don't get an overflowing inbox of opportunities!) but I've dealt with enough to know that there are some great ones out there just like there are some not so great ones. Don't invite me to an event and then chase me up every single day afterwards for a blog post which was never even MENTIONED prior, never-mind discussed and agreed upon. Don't gift me a voucher to spend on your website in exchange for a dedicated blog post, tell me there is no deadline and the content is up to me, to then ask if I can 'pretty please' have the post up in 7 days, add photos to my instagram story, include at least 2 dedicated instagram posts AND host a giveaway. Like I've said, I know my numbers aren't big enough to warrant payment but that doesn't mean you can take the piss in how much content you demand. 

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I don't have 7 days a week and an instagram husband on hand to shoot content at every opportunity. I have 1 day a week (sometimes 2), possibly a photographer if I'm organised enough to make arrangements, or if not, a very patient mum behind the camera when she's not busy with her own life. I'm always very selective in the opportunities that I accept because I don't want to look like a beg or come to regret any decisions that I've made in the future. So when an opportunity arises that sounds great and is the perfect fit for me and my blog, I do get excited and I do turn into a yes-dog. Maybe over time I'll become stronger, but essentially this is still a learning curve for me. A learning curve that I think may take some time before I'm confident in knowing what I'm doing and putting my foot down, making my own demands.

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At the end of the day I blog for me and nobody else. I don't blog for these opportunities, they're just a nice bonus that I see as a treat for the hard work that I put into blogging. I have a full-time job that takes up a lot of my time so I want blogging to be a happy escape!
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Loves. Emma.