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August has been a bit of a meh month really. It's usually peak summer, but we had such a good summer through June and July, that August actually felt like the start of Autumn. And Autumn is my favourite of the seasons but it felt too early. Yeah, I know I'm not making sense. And it was a bit of a bad month for me mental health wise really, there was a lot of things I wanted to do but didn't and I've just struggled. But we're not hear to wallow, we're hear to discuss the good points!

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What I Did
On the last Bank Holiday of the season, I went to Scarborough for a family day out. It was the first time I've been to the seaside in literal years and it was great. I got lots of photos, many of which you can find in my last post; we went on a boat ride, hunted for shells on the beach, ate chips and donuts and ice cream; just generally had lots of laughs. I barely picked up my phone, only for the occasional insta story snap, and it was exactly the kind of switch-off I needed!
A few months back I got a very exciting invitation to a Luna Cinema event with Casillero Del Diablo. They're the official wine sponsor and wanted little old me to do an instagram promotion! So I took my mum for a little evening out at Bolton Abbey to see The Greatest Showman because it's one our favourite films. It was such a good night, we were very kindly given VIP seats and had a wonderful view, but as someone who suffers with Raynauds and bad circulation in general, I definitely underestimated how cold it would get! I was cocooned under 2 blankets and still shivering.

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Listened To
I'm not gonna lie, I've mostly had the Mamma Mia 2 soundtrack on repeat for the past month, but I've also been enjoying Sweetener because who hasn't? Mostly though, I've spent this month catching up on Podcast episodes that have been building up in my subscriptions box! My favourite being Table Manners with Jessie Ware; where Jessie and her mum chat with a guest about all things food, because whats not to love about that? They've just finished the series but I'd definitely recommend binging if you haven't listened before! Another podcast I've been loving is When Life Gives You Melons, which is the Freya Lingerie podcast hosted by Maya Jama. She chats with a trio of guests each week about a select topic, ranging from 'grown up mean girls' to careers and 'the quarter life crisis', and listening to different perspectives is the best!

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I'm still obsessing over Mamma Mia 2 of course (will I ever not mention this?), but I went to the cinema to see a different film this month; Christopher Robin. And it was the most adorable film I've ever seen!! I used to be obsessed with Winnie The Pooh when I was younger, I'd sit entranced by episodes and completely switch off from everyone around me; I had cushions of Pooh and Tigger and I still have a collection of Tigger teddies somewhere! So I knew I was gonna love the film, but honestly, it was just so heart-warming, all about not losing your inner child and one I would recommend to anyone!
I watched a couple of the new hyped-up releases on Netflix this month too, To All The Boys I've Loved Before and The Kissing Booth. The former was wonderful and I want a Peter Kavinsky please; the latter was kinda cute but far too cheesy and cliche. I mean they're both pretty much cliche teen romcoms but I'm a sucker for those!

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There are 2 books to mention that I read this month and the first is Paper Towns; because I think I will always go back to John Green books for some fluff and warmth. I'd seen the film last year but forgotten a lot of the plot tbh, so it was nice to have the unknown again. The next I read was Gone Girl, which has been sat on my shelf for MONTHS. I got gripped quickly because I couldn't tell where it was going, but once I could, it just made me realise how bloody bonkers humans are. WOW!
In terms of articles, I've not really read all that much this month. Like I said, bad mental health month. But two that I wanted to share are: "Not just a fad: the surprising, gut-wrenching truth about gluten" on The Guardian, which I found a very very interesting read! Especially as someone with a mild gluten intolerance thanks to IBS! And secondly, "Is Stella McCartney the queen of sustainable fashion?" on Refinery29. As you might know, I've started a Sustainable Series on the blog because I think it's so so important for us all to be doing more, and really, if I could have a wardrobe full of Stella McCartney, then I 100% would. My dream brand!

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Wearing: Blazer & Trousers, Nasty Gal - T-Shirt, Help Refugees - Shoes, Vans (similar) - Sunglasses, River Island (no longer available) - Bag, Moschino (no longer available)

Side note: How good is this velvet effect, striped suit?! And I wanted checkerboard Vans for ages so when I saw these with SNOOPY on them they were an immediate must-have.

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