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There are some things that happen in life that really shake you up and make you realise how short life actually is, and how it is for LIVING. Recently, this happened in the form of BBC presenter and legend Rachel Bland passing away. If you aren't aware of who she is, please listen to the 'You, Me and The Big C' podcast that she was co-host on! 

After hearing this news, I was talking with a co-worker where we both agreed how it puts things into perspective. Which it does, doesn't it? We worry too much about seemingly irrelevant things in life. She then mentioned that after a similar moment of shock a few months back, she had a conversation with a friend in which they both left and wrote bucket lists. They weren't all dramatic things, some silly like 'buy the most expensive bottle of wine in the supermarket' but it's sometimes the little things that make the most fun and the best memories. So many of us get caught up in trying to be as productive as we can, having a full-time job along with a side hustle or two, and not having time to just sit down with friends or treat ourselves. And there's nothing wrong with working as much as you want to, it's bloody admirable, but it shouldn't be everything

So bucket lists, or something similar sound like a good idea. It's something you can refer to when you're looking at booking a holiday or find yourself with a free weekend. It's something you can refer to for birthdays or Christmas. And it might just give you a bit of focus; things to work towards and look forward to.
But the thing is, I just don't know if having a bucket list would work for me? Whenever I make lists of things that I want to do, I always feel too much pressure to do everything immediately and then I stress out and do nothing. I don't want to feel like I need to get certain things done by a certain deadline and that I'm running out of time; but also I don't want to just waste my time doing nothing? So for now, here's 5 things that I would put on a hypothetical bucket list:

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Buy a house
Quite a big one, but my ~main goal in life is to have a home of my own to do with what I want. I know there's a lot of talk about whether it's worth it, how owning a home shouldn't be the be all and end all, there's so much more to life; but it's what I want! I'm a homebird, through and through. I hate being away from my own home comforts for more than a week. I get anxious, I get sick and I get lonely no matter who I'm with. Travelling (as much as I would love to see so much of the world) isn't really for me. I want a place to call home that is MINE and I can be happy there forever.

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Go to America
I know I just said that travelling isn't for me and this might sound very contradictory, but for that reason I've never gone out of Europe. I would love to, one day, visit somewhere in the US. That sounds very vague, but it's because part of me leans towards LA in the summer and part of me leans towards New York at Christmas, along with part of me wanting to go somewhere completely different and less touristy. Whichever, I wouldn't do more than a couple weeks. I just want to be able to say I've been across the pond.

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Wall climbing/Ice skating/Diving
I'm not an activities kind of person; as much as I love working out, yoga and going to the gym, I HATE sports. But there are some things that I would like to try more of. I love ice skating but never go; I haven't done wall climbing since I was eleven on a class trip in France; and I haven't been diving since I learnt to for my swimming badges at 10 years old. I find that making time for activities is something that we really don't do enough. But we should!

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Go to a German Christmas Market IN Germany
I love the Christmas Markets in Leeds and always have multiple visits each year, but I would still love to go to a ~proper~ one. I did go to the Paris one on the Champs Ellysee 2 years ago (which was wonderful!) but traditionally its a German thing, so going to one in Germany would make sense wouldn't it? A nice weekend away pre-Christmas, yes please!

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Watch all of the Harry Potter movies in one weekend
I mean, this one needs no explanation does it? Who doesn't love a movie marathon weekend; and Harry Potter is perfect for this! Just need to find a weekend where both me and my bestest pal are free to enjoy together along with all of the treats.

Have you got a bucket list/ever thought about writing one? What would be top of yours?

Loves. Emma.