Personally, I found haircare the easiest thing when switching to cruelty free. And that's because most of the products that I used were already good! Batiste went and ruined it didn't they; I'd checked the cans in store and seen a cruelty free, leaping bunny logo but didn't look closely enough to see that it was FAKE. They aren't cruelty free, and now I need to buy new dry shampoo. I'm thinking either the Fudge one (smells amazing!) or the Bleach London one, hm.

cruelty free haircare

The absolute bane of my life is finding shampoo and conditioner. Whenever I find some that work for my hair, whenever I repurchase they no longer have the same effect. My hair is just too bloody fussy! I loved the Neal and Wolf Amplify shampoo and conditioner, which is for volumising hair, but I'm currently trying out Superdrugs own range. They have an array of scents and are super cheap; this aloe vera and mango set, for normal/oily hair, is currently working wonders! Next though, I do want to try some of the Yes To ranges.

heat protection hair spray

One thing I'm very good at is using a heat protector spray every time that I blow dry/straighten/curl my hair. I might not be the most adventurous with my hair styles, but I'm alllll about keeping it in good condition. I don't really know what determines a good heat protector, but my hairs not frazzled and this one seems to be doing the trick: Neal & Wolf guard*. (You'll notice a theme here that they're one of my favourite haircare brands!)

hair oils

The biggest problem I have with my hair is the frizz. It can be out of control some days! But a splash of a good hair oil is all it takes and these two are my top choices right now. A couple of drops run through the ends of my hair after blow drying it and we're good to go. These are the Neal & Wolf Velvet Nourishing Hair Oil*, and The Body Shop Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil. (I actually got the TBS one for my skin but it broke me out something chronic, so hair it is!)

hair styling

Most days, I don't do much with my hair after applying some oil other than add a texturing spray and go. My favourite go-to is the Fudge Urban sea salt spray; it adds the perfect texture and hold for messy waves. But another top choice is the Neal & Wolf Uplift Volumising Mist* which I love, but it doesn't have the same hold as the Fudge one!

hair mousse

I very rarely actually use a mousse on my hair, but sometimes when I've curled it and want it to be a bit more tussled, then out it comes! Because of how little I use them, these are quite old purchases and I don't have all that much to say about them. These are the Neal & Wolf Enhance Volumising Mousse* and Fudge Urban Iced Raspberry and Vanilla styling mousse. They're both great for creating a tousled effect and holding the style, but the Fudge one smells amazing.

scented hairspray

Last but certainly not least; hairspray! We all love a good bit of hairspray to tame them pesky flyaways, and these are my must-have for when I've done any kind of braiding (I'm a big fan of a french braid when I can be bothered to make an effort!). The Iced Raspberry & Vanilla is the ~normal kind of hold you need for most days, and the Iced Coconut Cocktail is a stronger hold better for bad weather days. My favourite thing about the Fudge Urban range is how utterly divine they all smell. But now that I'm writing this post and trying to link to the products, it seems that THESE HAVE BOTH BEEN DISCONTINUED AND I WANT TO CRY. So I'm really sorry if I've made you want to try them, I'm now off to raid the shelves at Tesco (thankfully I have a spare of each still, but omg please send hairspray recommendations STAT).

So, any hair care recommendations that I'm missing out on?

Loves. Emma.