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I mean, the blog name makes it kind of obvious, but if you didn't know, Autumn is my favourite of the seasons. It signifies the end of summer (my least favourite time of year), there's crunchy leaves making everything look pretty, it's getting darker for cosy evenings with cosy blankets, good TV series start up again and it's just WHOLESOME. We have Halloween and Bonfire Night (questionable though it's reasons) and the build up to Christmas begins; I mean, what's not to love? I wrote a post last year on my favourite things about Autumn and it still remains one of my favourite posts that I've put together. I remember I'd just got the 45mm lens for my Olympus Pen and I went down to the park with my tripod and just spent ages playing around, getting the shots that I wanted and trying new things. So please revisit!

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white pumpkin

Amongst the many reasons for this being the best time of year comes the fashion. I am certainly not a fan of summer fashion, as I have written about many times before. Winter is arguably Autumn but with gloves and more layers. Spring is ok, but nothing beats an oversized jumper and chunky boot combo. Berets or baker boy hats; Faux fur coats or trench coats; there's just so much comfort in Autumn fashion and if you're not comfortable with skin on show or clingy clothes, it is IDEAL. I picked up this jumper along with another one when F&F at Tesco had 25% off and honestly, if you don't look in there for clothes then you're missing a treat. As much as I love chunky knitwear, I'm trying not to buy more this year. I already have plenty from previous years and it seems excessive to add to the stash! I do, however, want a new pair of OTK boots as mine constantly slip down the leg. So if you have any recommendations, leave them in the comments! (Stuart Weitzmans, I can not afford.)

stripe jumper and beret
vegan doc marten boots

So to express my love for all things autumnal in the best way, I roped my mum along into a trip to Farmer Copleys pumpkin festival. It's actually the first time I've been to a pumpkin patch and not just picked one up from the supermarket, and honestly, why has it taken me so long?! There were fields upon fields of pumpkins; big ones, small ones, green ones, white ones and warty ones, they had everything. There were tractor rides for kids and wheelbarrows for carrying your pumpkins (or again, kids) but we didn't bother with those. We just wandered the fields, looking at the different pumpkins and enjoying some autumn sunshine! There were animals on site too, a fancy farm shop and a lovely little cafe too.

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farmer copleys


Jumper, F&F at Tesco (not online)

Beret, Primark 

Jeans, H&M (old)

Boots, Dr Martens

I've never actually tried pumpkin in the form of eating it, (maybe I should, because I love squash and it's much like that, no?) but I am a big fan of carving pumpkins for Halloween. An afternoon spent watching Hocus Pocus and carving a villain of choice into a pumpkin is an afternoon well spent to me! Not to blow my own trumpet, but I'm rather good at carving and have previously done Scar from Lion King, Maleficent, The Joker and Gremlins. This years is still undecided so if you have a favourite bad guy who you think would make a good pumpkin (not Trump, please) then I'm all ears.

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warty pumpkins

Come join me on Instagram to see pumpkin carving history and this years attempts!

Loves. Emma.