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So far in this series, I've only discussed one sustainable clothing brand: Armedangels, who were the focus of my first instalment. And considering this is a largely fashion focused blog, I thought it was time to share another brand who can fill your wardrobe with ethical goodness! This one is more likely a brand you've already heard of? People Tree are one of the most popular suggestions when searching for sustainable fashion and are even available on ASOS for ~easy access~. 

I've been aware of People Tree for a while; aware that they're more ethical than a lot of clothing brands. But it's only the past year or so that I've a) been trying to buy more ethically, and b) been focusing on investing in better quality pieces for my wardrobe. It's no secret that ethically sourced clothing costs more, but it doesn't break the bank tbh. Invest in quality over quantity and you can't really go wrong can you. I've stopped buying lots of cute slogan tees at £8 and started buying better cute slogan tees for £30!


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This is my first People Tree purchase and I was originally torn between this t-shirt and this one, both of which I'm a big fan of tbh. But in the end I chose this one because who doesn't love stripes? You can never have too many stripes in your wardrobe, and if they have a cute little smiling Earth on the front then that's just an added bonus isn't it! It's 100% organic cotton (as is every cotton that People Tree use) and it's super soft and comfy. I do usually prefer t-shirt sleeves to be a little longer, but I guess I should've maybe sized up for that! The quality is clear to see in how thick this is, it's definitely not your cheap fast fashion t-shirt, that's for sure! And I think I will definitely be looking at People Tree for more purchases in the future. I'm especially intrigued by the activewear now that I'm both going to the gym and practising yoga regularly, so that may be another post in the making!

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When it comes to showcasing sustainable clothing, I like to find locations that seem well matched. For Armedangels I went for a nice, big, open field and now for People Tree I dragged my mum along to Tropical World! I say dragged, she was a very willing photographer. She didn't have to pay, she got to see cute creatures and spend the day with me, so what's not to love? I couldn't not share some of the other photos I got whilst there, so enjoy startled meerkats, gormless fish and an array of birds. Turns out butterflies are rather hard to photograph but I managed a couple! 
I know there's the whole issue of it technically being a zoo; it is a place that keeps animals in captivity and I'm normally all against this. Animals should be free to roam in the wild! But it's more of an educational place than anything else, and tbh I just wanted to see what it was like as I haven't been since I was a young child. There were clear issues! 
And I just wanted to mention this because we're not all perfect and please don't hate me for visiting.

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Who Are People Tree?

People Tree are a brand recognised by both customers and the fashion industry in general, as a pioneer in ethical and environmentally sustainable fashion. Operating for over 27 years, People Tree developed the first integrated supply chain for organic cotton from farm to final product and were the first organisation anywhere to achieve GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification on a supply chain entirely in the developing world. It's easy to see why they are the winners of numerous awards from 'Eco-Warrier' to 'Best Ethical E-tailer'.

"When you shop with People Tree, you can trust that your goods were made ethically and sustainably."

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Where can I buy it?
The People Tree website is the best place to go to, you can browse their whole collection from knitwear and activewear to jewellery! As I previously mentioned, you can also find a selection of their pieces on ASOS too.

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T-Shirt, People Tree

Jeans, Topshop (no longer available)

Trainers, Topshop

Bag, Kate Spade (no longer available)

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Have you got any People Tree pieces in your wardrobe?

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