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Do you know what I'm a big fan of? Scouring Etsy and finding hidden gems. Whether it's one-of-a-kind jewellery or unique pieces of clothing, I like having things that are a little different. Having things that you're not gonna see on everyone and their mum when you scroll through Instagram. And that's why I enjoy spending so much time finding boutique stores. Because not only that, you're supporting small businesses! Start-ups or 10 years old, small businesses are where we should be putting so much more of our money! Support those who aren't guaranteed substantial bonuses every Christmas! Support those wanting to make a dream a reality! Support creatives! 
So when I got an email a couple of weeks ago asking if I'd like some pieces from new jewellery brand Worry Knots sending over, I leapt at the chance! This isn't sponsored, I was gifted the pieces in return for an Instagram post only, I just thought it would make the perfect opportunity to talk about why we should shop small this Christmas, and all year round.

Worry Knots is run by Victoria and offers handmade jewellery via an Etsy Shop. She's very new to it, but the pieces are fabulous quality. She very kindly sent me 3 pairs of statement earrings, all autumnal themed because she knows its my favourite time of the year, and I really love them! Statement earrings are a piece of jewellery that I'm fully on board with; they can transform an otherwise boring outfit, add a pop of colour or completely make an outfit. And so easily! So here's the 3 pairs and 5 reasons why I love buying from small businesses.

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Supporting Dreams
Not only are you supporting someones dream when you buy from them, but you're helping support them/their family. You're not funding bonuses for an overpaid board of directors, you're not funding dividends for the big bosses who are trying every way possible to avoid paying tax. Your seemingly small purchase can make a real difference to someones day/week/month/life
Worry Knots was started when Victoria was struggling with her mental health. It's given her a focus and a creative outlet, why would you not want to support that? For this reason, 10% of the profits go to Mind so here's an extra added reason to treat yourself to some bold and bright earrings.

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Attention To Detail
Every time I've ordered from a smaller store previously, the attention to detail has been wonderful. Whether it's the little sweets added to your parcel, the branding and packing that's so carefully thought out or the little care notes added to your items. I once purchased a wall print from one store (I forget the name, sorry!) and they added a surprise second print with a little note saying it was a promotional offer. How sweet!
When my earrings from Worry Knots arrived, they were in a slim cardboard box and the branding was just all so perfect. The tagline is 'Wear your uniqueness without a worry' something that I am fully supportive of, and the packing tape, stickers, tissue paper, everything had the 'Worry Knots' logo and colour scheme which just gave it the extra touch.

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Customer Service
When you're dealing with small businesses they tend to care much more about their image. They want to grow, they don't want to hinder that, so they do everything they can to help you. I once ordered some vintage clothing from a boutique store on ASOS Marketplace and, because they were overseas, they emailed me beforehand to confirm the sizing to try minimise my need to return things. I've had another store email me personal updates about my delivery, apologising that my order was late dispatching. There's a little boutique store near my village that me and my mum love visiting and the woman that runs it always so friendly, can't do enough to help you and it really makes a difference. Good customer service goes a long way!

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Better quality
Largely, independent businesses offer handmade items. Handmade items that are far better quality than something produced in a factory chain that you've got for half the price on ASOS. You'll get pieces that will last longer, pieces that will serve their purpose time and time again, pieces made with love.

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Who doesn't like having unique pieces?
I've said this before and I'll say it again, I love having ~different~ things in my wardrobe/home that not everyone else will have. How many people will have a pair of monster earrings like these, compared to how many have that gaudy silver Topshop pair?

You can check out Worry Knots on Etsy and Instagram for these earrings and more!

Leave me links to your favourite independent stores below!

Loves. Emma.