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So I actually shot the photos for this post a few weeks ago, back in October half-term, but have been in a serious uninspired and unmotivated slump since. I don't know why, I don't know what changed, but I wrote about it (the post will be up later this week), read some inspiring blog posts (including this kick-ass one from Em on the future of blogging) and ta-da! Here we are! Sometimes you just need to be for a while, get things off your chest, listen to others and things will sort themselves out. I still, however, have no motivation to bother with Instagram because it's just not my favourite place to be at the moment.

In my recent post about vintage shopping, I touched on charity shops and how they're often the best place to find a bargain. I also touched on the fact that I don't do enough hunting for said bargains. So it inspired me to get out and do so! And bargains a plenty I did find. I only went in 2 different shops (Mind and British Heart Foundation) because they are *literally* opposite each other in Halifax and I was just walking past. And now I'm wondering why I haven't been doing it so much more?! I was in both shops for less than half an hour combined, found 3 bloody lovely pieces and spent a mere fraction of what I would for anything similar anywhere on the high street; I mean, what's not to love?
So with the 3 pieces that I picked up, I thought I'd put together 3 different outfits for a little 'charity shop lookbook' kind of post. Charity shops *can* be full of rubbish, lots of clothes that you'd never consider, because they simply don't have set styles to appeal to set audiences like the high street. But a little rummage can unearth something you never knew was missing from your wardrobe! As I've said before, I know that shopping at charity shops isn't accessible for everyone; they're not great in size ranges because they simply rely on donations, but it could always be worth a look. 
Location : Kirkstall Abbey

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As soon as I walked into BHF I saw this burgundy velvet style blouse and was instantly drawn to it. The combination of the colour, fabric and the buttons just makes it the perfect 'nice top' to go with jeans. Which, as you can see, is the idea I went for. But it's also got a hint of Christmas to it and you could easily style it up more with some gold jewellery and a pair of heels. Because of the material, it is a little clingy, but I actually don't mind that? Which sounds weird as I normally want everything oversized and loose, but with the style it just seems to work! I'm also very pleased I got to dig these boots out from the dark depths at the back of my wardrobe because they're just the perfect colour match, no?
Price: £3.99

velvet blouse

Wearing: Blouse, BHF - Jeans, Topshop (similar) - Boots, ASOS (similar) - Bag, Dorothy Perkins (similar)

leopard print blouse styling animal print

Literally 30 seconds after picking up the burgundy blouse, I spied this leopard print one on the next rail. It's one size bigger than my usual, but I as I just mentioned, oversized is my go-to. I think it especially works with sheer shirts that you can put over a little bralet and not have to worry about anything being on show. I'm a big animal print lover (aren't we all, really?!) and had a leopard print shirt from Beyond Retro that I picked up last year, but I wore it so much that the shoulder ripped and it just wasn't repairable! So finding this was perfect timing. And sometimes you've just got to let the shirt do the talking which is why I went for all black this time including my trusty baker boy hat, because hello, it's that time of year again!
Price: £4.49 (originally M&S)

baker boy hat
kirkstall abbey

Wearing: Blouse, M&S via BHF - Skirt, Missguided (similar) - Boots, Topshop (similar) - Hat, ASOS (similar) - Bag, Coach

zara shirt dress styling a fedora
autumn style

My favourite find of the day is this shirt dress that I picked up from Mind. I was just flicking through the racks, not really seeing anything of interest when I spotted this. It was the fact that it still had the original Zara tag on that caught my eye and then when I pulled it out and saw the different hems, it was like love at first sight! I foolishly thought the front was still long enough to protect my modesty but alas, it certainly isn't! But a little pair of shorts solve it all! I had the idea for this whole outfit almost instantly and with the dark tones and the fedora, I just knew that this location would work perfectly. Witchy vibes!
Price: £8.75 (originally Zara, full price: £25.99)

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Wearing: Dress, Zara via Mind - Hat, Primark - Boots, ASOS (similar) - Bag, Coach

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So I hope you're thoroughly inspired to check out your local charity shops now guys!

Loves. Emma.