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Ok I'll get the obvious out of the way first; but WHERE the heck has 2018 gone?! It's genuinely been (another) blink and you miss it kind of year where I feel like I've accomplished absolutely nothing. 
But ANYWAY; my favourite type of posts to read are peoples chatty catch-up posts; Megan does this superbly in and amongst every post; while Sophies 'mid-month catch ups' are another strong favourite. Back in the summer I decided to start my own kind of monthly catchup posts, but (A) I didn't seem to have enough I wanted to say about every month and (B) I felt like I wasn't posting regularly enough to fit monthly catch-up posts amongst my usual content, so they faded away. Now that it's the end of the year though, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for such a post!

2018 has been a funny year, I've not done anything extraordinary or been on a fancy holiday (or any holiday for that matter) but I've learnt to love myself and for me, that beats anything else. I've stopped doing things for the sake of others and started putting myself first, which may seem selfish, but sometimes is necessary. I don't want to compromise on my happiness and my mental health for someone who doesn't care about my happiness and my mental health. 
I've begun to enjoy working out and practising yoga; I now eat plant-based, enjoy cooking more than ever and I've started taking care of my body. I might still be in the same job, but I've had new responsibilities and feel more confident than ever. I've worked with some amazing brands both on my blog and instagram, but most importantly I've met new people, made new friends and visited new places. 

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I've written my best content:
Nothing like a bit of self-promo to kick start things is there! I'm happy with all of the content I've put out this year; I stopped writing posts I wouldn't read (hence why there wasn't a single gift guide in the run-up to Christmas) and started writing more honestly about real-life topics. So here are my favourites;

'Making Christmas The Time For Giving' - I spent a lot of time collating information for this and am really proud of how it turned out. I want to try and use my little platform for good!

'The Sustainable Series #1 - Armedangels' - Getting to work with a brand focused on sustainability was the kick up the bum I needed to start this series! I'm so proud of the photos (I shot them all solo with my trusty tripod) and am just really happy with how this all turned out.

'25: Recovery In The Age Of The Internet' - One of my most honest posts to date but definitely one I'm most proud of. The photos, the words and just the fact I was in a good/strong enough place to share this makes me immensely happy.

'The Perils Of Being An Introverted Blogger' - I often struggling with blogging, sharing my life and worrying if I'm online enough. I'm the most introverted introvert and so just getting things like this off your chest feels good.

'On STILL Not Knowing What I Want To Do With My Life' - My most favourite set of photos EVER. Also: I'm still in the same position of not knowing what to do and the fact this resonated with a lot of other people was wonderful.

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I've read more than ever:
I've always loved reading but I'm just a slow reader. One of my goals for this year was to get through at least a book a month, which I have just managed! I've also (of course) read a lot of blogs because there's a lot of talented writers out there! Here's the top picks of what I've read this year:
  • Megan Ellaby is my number 1 blogger, always inspiring my fashion choices and giving me the confidence to wear what the hell I want. Her posts are always so well written, chatty and personal and I just adore her.
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I've seen great shows:
For 2018 I wanted to spend more time going to ~shows; whether that be live music gigs, theatre shows or simply films at the cinema. I love art and artists and by far prefer an evening spent this way than just going drinking (obviously, now that I don't really drink!). My best of the year have been;
  • Harry Styles. My number 1 definitely didn't disappoint when I saw him in Manchester back in April. He's a wonderful human, I love everything he stands for and he puts on an incredible show. 
  • My best blogging achievement of this year was being invited to see The Greatest Showman at the outdoor Luna Cinema at Bolton Abbey this year. I took my mum along and although cold, it was such a great evening!
  • Flashdance is one of my favourite musicals and seeing it live on stage was incredible! Joanne Clifton played the role of Alex and was just as wonderful as you can imagine!

And if you're wondering why I've left everything clothing related out of this, then I'm assuming you missed my last post on the best pieces in my 2018 wardrobe, so give it a look!

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I've enjoyed varying my writing a bit this year, embarking on my sustainable series as I try to be more sustainable myself, and just generally writing things of more substance. Things that you can really build a conversation around. 
I know that fast fashion has been a bit of a hot topic for a lot of people this year, but it's really something that I am trying to step away from. So that's why there's no 'what to buy in the sales' and 'who has the best offers' posts over here. I'm not gonna push sales for things you don't need in the hopes that I can make a few quid - I avoided all things Black Friday for the same reason. 
But one thing I do think, looking back over this years content, is that I need to start working with photographers again. I stopped for various reasons (low self-confidence and bad time management for two) but the outcome is always better with a professional and that always inspires me more. 
Other than that, for 2019 I don't really have big plans to change things on here! I'm thinking of getting a new theme and sprucing it up a bit; but in terms of content I think I found my groove this year. I'm really happy with the style of content that I've fallen into so just want to build on that!

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I started bullet journalling at the beginning of December and already I am feeling SO much more organised, so maybe there'll be a post on that soon?? But in there I have a few goals for next year and I thought I'd share the little ones. Because there'll no doubt be countless resolution posts to sift through!

1. Read the Harry Potter books (and read more in general!). Please don't hate me, but when I was younger I tried multiple times and just couldn't get into them; then the films started coming out and there seemed no point. But I really want to get through them now! I also want to make more time to read all year, so I've set myself a target of 30 books on GoodReads. I'm a very slow reader but fingers crossed!

2. Do more for charity. I want to make more of an effort to not only donate to smaller charities, but to support in other ways too. Whether that be some kind of sponsored event or fundraising or whatever! I need to get brainstorming. If you're local and want to join me PLEASE do.

3. Explore new parts of the country. There are so many glorious places in this country and I feel like I've seen so few of them!! Most of them are on my doorstep too because, hello, Yorkshire is the greatest county on earth. So I just want to get out and adventure more.

4. Get more enjoyment from working out. I got rather good at going to the gym this year; I invested in the GraceFit Guides to give me some focus and have been really getting into them. But I still want to vary my fitness more; get into swimming, focus more on yoga and maybe try a class or two!

If you've made it to the end of this post the well done because I know I rambled and crammed an awful lot in, but I didn't want to spread this all out when everyone is doing similar posts right now, I know it gets awfully tiresome. 

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So share your 2018 highlights! What was your favourite point of the year? What are you most looking forward to next year?

Loves. Emma.