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Well I hope everyone's had a fabulous Christmas (if you celebrate it) (and if you don't, then a fabulous day none the less!) filled with all of the roast potatoes and chocolate yule log imaginable. As I'm writing this, it's Christmas Eve; 'It's a Wonderful Life' is on the TV and I just can't get into it, no matter how much I try, sorry! But I've just eaten a bowl full of apple and blackberry crumble and everything is feeling cosy and festive. We don't do anything special for Christmas really, but it's just nice to be with family and eating good, isn't it?

I never really know what kind of 'end of year' posts to work on, or even whether to bother at all; it's the holidays, do people make time to read blogs? But I'm still reading plenty (while making my way through a tub of roses!) and last year, I really enjoyed doing a round-up of my favourite 2017 outfits so it seemed only right to do something similar again for 2018.
This year I've tried to buy less; stop investing in so much fast fashion and start thinking more sensibly about the clothes that I buy. So instead of my favourite outfits of the year, I wanted to focus on individual pieces - things that I've loved so much I've styled them up multiple times in a variety of ways.

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1. The Tartan Suit, Topshop
This was somewhat of an impulse purchase back at the beginning of the year, which is sadly no longer available. I absolutely fell in love with it and simply couldn't not buy it! I may have only worn it as a set a handful of times, but they work great as separates too. I've worn the skirt innumerable times both for work and leisure, the blazer is perfect with jeans too! You can see it in all its glory in this post, shot by Matt.

lazy oaf rainbow cardigan

2. The Rainbow Cardigan, Lazy Oaf
I'd been searching for this cardigan for so long after seeing it on instagram, that when I found it there was no hesitation in buying it! It might not seem like the most wearable piece, but it brightens up any basics and has been especially great to thrown on in in-between weather or to stay warm in the office.

nobody child trousers
leopard print

3. The Leopard Trousers, Nobodys Child
I bought a pair of leopard print trousers from Boohoo after hunting for the right pair for weeks, only for them to tear after one wear. So I looked somewhere a little better and picked up this kick flare pair from Nobodys Child. I think leopard print goes with pretty much anything and I've worn them time and time again. (Sadly they're no longer available but I have linked a full length pair which are really rather dreamy). You can see more of them in this post about blogging and consumerism!

heart autumn blogemma copland

4. The Boiler Suit, New Look
Boiler suits have been *everywhere* this year and I managed to refrain and only buy one. But it's a pretty good one! It's the ideal short-sleeve, cropped length style that makes it so versatile for both warmer and colder weather. It actually features in 2 different blog posts if you want to see more of it, this one about finding myself and here where I styled up summer pieces for autumn.

teddy coatemma copland

5. The Teddy Coat, Primark
I know I said I've been trying to move away from fast fashion, but it's not been an instantaneous thing. This coat has been in my wardrobe since early last winter and it's by far one of my favourites. It is SO cosy and comfy and just all round perfect. I wear it almost everyday because, what doesn't a cream coat go with?!

cowboy bootsstriped blouse

6. The Cowboy Boots, Missguided
Cowboy boots have been everywhere this year too! And I couldn't find a pair the style that I wanted until I spotted this pair in the sale. They work perfectly with skinny jeans tucked in or with a mini skirt and they've been super comfy too! The perfect height that I love for everyday wear to feel a little more sophisticated.

yellow jumpsuit
leeds blogger
statement piece

7. The Yellow Jumpsuit, isawitfirst
A yellow jumpsuit sounds like the furthest thing from a wearable but I have worn it numerous times this year in numerous ways! I actually got it in 2017 but didn't wear it straight away. I really love having statement pieces in my wardrobe and finding different ways to style them and make them look different. You can see it in all it's glory in this post shot by Matt, or it also features in this post about ways to style band tees!

rainbow bardot top
white jeans

8. The White Jeans, Next
I've avoided white jeans for the longest time because I've always thought them to be unflattering. But this year was the year of caring less and I'm so glad because look at them! They were a mere £5 in the clearance and by far my best bargain of the year. I've worn them so much with all kinds of outfits and they're just the best fitting jeans I've ever had.

heart autumn
black converse

9. The Trusty Converse
As much as I love a nice pair of boots (and trust me, I have many-a-pair!) sometimes you just need a comfy pair of converse. I have a mustard yellow pair that I LOVE and some simple white ones, but this black and white pair are my number one! I've worn them so much, in all seasons, with all kinds of outfits.

band teeleopard skirt
summer style

10. The Band Tee, Urban Outfitters
I always love a band tee and this one has been my go-to this year. They're so versatile that I even did a post on 3 ways to wear the band tee earlier this year featuring this particular one. They really do go with anything and it's the perfect oversized fit that you can just throw on and go.

It's always nice being able to look back on the year, seeing the outfits you've worn and the memories flooding in from those days. So here's to a well dressed 2019!

Which is your favourite piece?

Loves. Emma.