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It's not that I'm fickle, because I'm certainly not. But with the things that I consume, particularly online content, I can go through phases of being either obsessed or completely uninterested. And at the moment, I'm completely uninterested in everything. I don't know whether that's because I'm uninspired, or whether I'm uninspired because I'm uninterested, but it's just making me feel very lost at the moment. Lost in what I enjoy; lost in what I create; lost in who I AM. Dramatic? Me? 

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I very much go through phases with the type of content that I'm consuming. One minute I'll be watching workout videos, following new fitness bloggers and going to the gym more; next minute I'm trying to get more into baking and I'm following bloggers with the best plant-based recipes; or I'll be getting up early every morning to follow yoga videos. I'll never really be interested in much beauty content because I'm just terrible at make-up and I'm always consuming fashion content on some kind, but recently I'm just so fed up of seeing haul after haul, of the repetitiveness everywhere, everyone wearing the same leopard print midi skirt, and the ridiculous over consumption. I've been switching off from creators who I've supported for years because I'm just not enjoying their content and then I have the problem of not knowing what it is that I want to see! The thing is, I think we've been spoilt by ~influencers~. We can log onto YouTube and watch hours worth of videos for free; we can browse as many blogs as we want, spend hours reading, and not pay a penny; we can see people work SO hard to create beautiful imagery and not have to contribute anything to their pay packet. It's become too easy for us to just jump between what content we want to consume and maybe this is part of my problem? If I'm constantly switching up the content that I want to consume, how am I supposed to be inspired in what I create? How am I expected to stick to my niche? (Which I guess is a whole other topic in itself because, do we need to have a niche?) 
So many of my favourite people online are starting sideline projects, mainly in the form of second instagram pages dedicated to fitness, food or home-wear, alongside their usual fashion/lifestyle accounts and it makes me want to too, but for what? I just feel like I'd be spreading myself too thin and not be 'good enough' on either page!

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candy stripe outfit

When I updated my phone a few weeks ago and it started spewing out those 'weekly reports' charting how much time I spend on my phone each day and how that's spread across different apps, it made me want to lock my phone away in a cupboard and focus my time on more ~productive~ things. Things like working out, learning new recipes or making time to see friends. I want to read the mountain of books on my TBR pile and watch the films on the 'must-see' list that we've compiled at work. (I might write a post about said list?) I don't want to come home from work every night and sit scrolling. So maybe it's this desire to spend more time offline that's making me so uninterested with everything online?
I've stopped putting pressure on myself to spend my weekends shooting photos for the blog, planning and writing posts, sharing and promoting them. Instead I've been focusing on some much needed me-time; practising yoga in a morning, getting into a good gym routine, reading every night before bed and getting out of the house to do things that aren't just 'for the gram'. And in doing so, I've just not been picking up my phone so much and I've switched off. Which has made for a much happier me! I love my blog, it's my baby and I never want to stop writing here, but sometimes the pressure of constantly being online is just too much for me. I've written about this before, but with how I've been feeling I just needed to get it off my chest again.

Who knows, maybe it's just the dark evenings and knowing that I have far less time in which I can shoot photos?! But basically, I'm just not feeling my most creative. Maybe I need to change my 'shoot, write and edit' routine, maybe I need a complete switch-off and break from everything, or maybe I just need to sit down, talk it all out and have a good brainstorming sesh! Getting everything out on here always helps so I hope you enjoy my rambles.

yellow bag and converse
emma copland

Anyway, this outfit! It's something that I picked up in the end of summer sale from New Look and although I have worn it, I'd not taken any photos of it until now! So I thought it was time to share the colourful stripey number with you all. It is just as comfy as it looks, easy to be mistaken for pyjamas, and everything I love in a co-ord? Throw on a cosy denim jacket and add a pair of trainers, it makes for the perfect comfy weekend 'fit! It would look equally as good switching for heels and ditching the jacket, but it's cold guys and comfort wins.
new look co-ord

Wearing: Top & Trousers, New Look (no longer available) - Bag, Topshop (no longer available) - Jacket, Topshop - Converse, via ASOS

So, what helps you to get most inspired?

Loves. Emma.