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We all have those pieces that hang in the wardrobe waiting for a 'special occasion'; the slinky dresses and fitted jumpsuits, tailored trousers and silk blouses. They're the pieces that make us feel our best and often the pieces we've invested in the most, so why are we not wanting to get as much wear as possible out of them? Why are we not wanting to maximise the time spent wearing clothes that make us feel our best? Or getting every pennies worth of wear out of them? I've decided 2019 is the year to stop saving clothes for the special occasions that never come, are never worth the effort or simply aren't often enough for me to really enjoy my favourite pieces! If that means dressing ~extra~ every day then so be it.

Dressing up seems to get an (unnecessary) bad rep if you're not going to a fancy party or a monumental occasion, and I just don't get it? If you don't feel comfortable in clothes that are deemed 'dressy' because of how you feel in them, then that's perfectly fine, you do you and wear what makes you happy; but if you don't feel comfortable in them because of how others will perceive you, then stop that. I know it's much easier said than done, but not caring what other people think of your outfits is the most liberating feeling. Wear what makes you happy; dress up to your hearts content or wear the same jeans and trainer combo consecutively; wear what makes you feel your best!

sheer midi dress
street style

This dress has been hidden in the depths of my wardrobe for a few years now. I purchased it on a whim in a Forever 21 sale (coincidentally the one and only time that I have ever ordered from F21!) and it has been worn a grand total of 3 times. Now this piece wasn't expensive by any means, so I'm not bothered about getting my moneys worth from it, but I like it. And when I like things, I want to wear them a lot. So whether I dress it down with a pair of trainers and a jumper, style it up with a biker jacket and boots or go all out with a nice pair of heels and a tonne of jewellery, I just want to start really making the most of the clothes that I love!

It was watching Megan Ellabys video a few weeks ago on her favourite outfits of 2018 that first sparked this thought. She mentioned some of her best-loved pieces and how they hadn't been given nearly enough wear because she had wanted to save them for 'special occasions', before remarking on how that was a silly decision to make. So I got thinking about the things in my wardrobe which haven't gotten the love they deserve and, granted, there aren't loads; I don't have fancy events often enough to warrant a lot of fancy items in my wardrobe, but there are still numerous!

yellow boots

And whether the pieces that you save in your wardrobe are deemed 'fancy' or not, just stop saving them! Wear everything that makes you happy and wear it a lot.

A few pieces I'm making an effort to wear more:
  • Slip dresses. I have a few different slip dresses either plain in colour or animal print, and there's so many ways in which they can be styled that I just need to dig them out and make more of an effort every day.
  • Blazers. I don't often wear blazers because as much as I love them on other people, I tend to feel a bit over-dressed and 'smart' when I wear one. But I have numerous colourways and styles and they deserve to be showcased tbh!
  • OTK/knee high boots. I have a couple of pairs of both 'lengths' and I really don't know why I don't wear them more than I do? Understandably the pleather platform thigh highs aren't very work appropriate, but still! 
yellow biker jacket
leeds blogger

So if I suddenly start flooding your instagram feed dressed up in fancy dresses when I'm popping to the shops, just know I'm feeling good in what I'm wearing! And join in!

Loves. Emma.