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Oh look, I'm giving those monthly round-up things a go again! This time I've decided not to focus on the exciting things I've done and the places I've been; it's too much pressure! So instead we're talking mundane; the lessons I've learnt and the books I've read; where I've found inspiration this month and the things that have made me happy. I've started bullet journalling this year (well I actually started in December but that was kind of a dummy run to see how I wanted to set things out and use it) and doing gratitude lists, writing down something that I'm grateful for each and every day, has made me so much more appreciative of the small things in life. I'm also gonna use this opportunity to share some of my favourite outfits of the month because, why not?
I didn't get round to doing a January round-up because I simply wasn't organised enough. So count this as somewhat of a two month catch-up!

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Which leads me on to the fact that I used the January 'detox' idea to detox my social media; unfollow accounts that aren't inspiring or even interesting me and find new people to follow. I've broadened the ~spectrum~ of the accounts which I follow; more fitness, sustainability and creative photography accounts, unfollowing a lot of beauty and fashion accounts that I wasn't interested in seeing anymore. I love fashion and personal style don't get me wrong, that will always be at the heart of this blog, but I'm just becoming tired of a lot of instagrammers who all look and dress the same. The continuous fast fashion and repetitiveness that I'm stepping away from. And as for beauty, well, I'm never gonna be good at make-up and although I can appreciate the art, it's not really for me. 
But despite this refresh of my feeds, I've found myself in somewhat of a rut lately; not knowing what to post, where or when; feeling uninspired with my own content and how I produce it. Should I edit things differently? Post at different times? Should I be doing styling videos even though I hate them? What kind of photos do I even want to be taking?! So I've simply taken a step back from posting on both here and Instagram. I never want to force content or put out things that I'm not proud of, so just having some 'time off' to think things over, have a little brainstorm and stop panicking has done me a world of good!

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However, some people whose content has been inspiring me despite this:
  • MissKatyEnglish was a new discovery for me on Instagram in January. Her creative photos are just wonderful and she really makes me want to put more effort into the photos that I put out. My #SundaySelfPortrait's could be about to get a whole load more fun!
  • I've been following ThisIs_Lo on Instagram for a few years now and she's always been a firm favourite of mine. Her photography is constantly improving and her uniqueness in editing is something that again, is inspiring me to be more adventurous with my own content. 
  • I couldn't talk about inspirations and not include Megan Ellaby. Both in blog posts and Instagram photos (not to mention her own clothing brand, Saturday!) Megan is my biggest inspiration when it comes to all things blogging. She's completely herself, has the best sense of style and just does things that bit differently!
  • Moving slightly away from content creators, two publications that I'm constantly hitting up are Man Repeller and Fashionista. Whether it's the written articles or simply looking at photos, the work they put into things is evident and it's just nice to read good female writing on topics that matter to me.
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Since the new year, I've been ensuring to spend a lot more time reading and so far this has consisted of the Harry Potter books 1-5 (along with a few other picks) and I am cursing myself for never having read the series before. When they first came out I was a bit young and they didn't interest me, I just wanted to read Jacqueline Wilson! My brother had them all and I tried multiple times to get into them but just couldn't. I decided 2019 was finally the time to tackle them seeing as I love the films so much, and I have honestly been glued to them. I'm naturally a very slow reader so to have devoured over 8 books already this year is quite big for me! I can definitely see myself re-reading them often.

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I mentioned earlier that I'd started gratitude lists, so here's a few things that have filled up Februarys list:
  • Being a morning person
  • Gaining confidence in the workplace
  • The feeling after a good workout
  • Enjoyment of baking
  • A-line skirts
I don't know what else to catch you up on this month? I've had some lovely days such as exploring Brighouse and visiting the Independent Sellers Market at Sunbridge Wells in Bradford, along with a day spent supporting my brother at a CrossFit competition which inspired me to get back to the gym. It's just recently been both my mum and my brothers birthdays too, so we've enjoyed some good family time and nice meals out. On Thursday I went to the theatre with a friend to see Matilda The Musical and it was WONDERFUL! And these are just the kind of things that I want the rest of 2019 to be filled with really! 

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How has February been for you?

Loves. Emma.