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I'm the first to admit that my wardrobe is not lacking in any way, but there is one thing that I felt was missing and that's knee high boots. I'm an ankle boot girl through and through, they're my failsafe for every season and if I had to go all minimalist, it's my ankle boot collection that I would struggle most to whittle down. But there's just something about knee high boots that I've been really loving recently. And yes, I do have some knee high snake print boots, but they're a little high for everyday wear! So I went on the hunt; I couldn't decide between wanting grey or brown but nowhere that I looked had anything I wanted. That was until I stumbled into the end of the Office sale and found these beauties! There was one pair in my size (fate, of course) but no price. Turns out they were reduced from £135 to £25. What. A. Bloody. Bargain!

So in honour of one of my best sale purchases, I thought I'd do a '3 ways to wear'. There are so many ways in which you can style knee boots and I struggled with choosing only three, so two in particular which I didn't include are with tailored shorts (even better if you have a matching blazer too for a sophisticated suited and booted look!) and simply tucking them under a pair of flares. Because how 70's and how cool? Anyway, onto the three ways that I have photographed for you:

outfit details
corduroy skirt

Sometimes it's nice to mix it up with all of the colour clashes, but other times it's nice to stick simple with one set tone. So for all of the warm tones, I paired this corduroy skirt and check blazer together with subtle pops of colour from the bag and headband. A-line skirts are (in my opinion) the best accompaniment for knee high boots! This photos aren't quite what I had in mind; we planned on shooting in a certain part of town, cobbled streets and old buildings; but as soon as we set off the heavens opened and showed no signs of stopping! With little time to rearrange, we had to settle for sheltering in the bus station and making the most of it. 

brown knee high boots
styling leopard print

One thing that I've never done too often, whether with knee high or over-the-knee boots, is to tuck jeans/trousers in. I've instead always opted for pairing them with dresses/skirts/shorts or even hiding them under baggy/flared trousers. But I thought I'd mix it up a bit and the this the result! I'm actually quite a fan, it works a treat for when it's super cold (as it was on this day). A double leopard print concoction with the softest coat ever and one of my favourite shirts from M&S makes for a nice little outfit if I do say so myself. 

croc effect knee high boots
emma copland

The Jumper Dress
The best thing you can have in your wardrobe throughout Autumn/Winter and Spring too, with the temperatures all over the place in the UK, is jumper dresses. Cosy and warm they are the perfect throw-on piece to go with knee boots, OTK boots or even ankle boots and trainers. So versatile! Team them up with tights if it's cold or even jeans if it's really cold and there's no chill to be felt. This one is a couple of years old now from Missguided and it's getting rather bobbly now, but I still love it! It's not the longest so I did add some shorts underneath, and with a cross-body bag and fedora it makes for such a simple yet stylish look. I love hats for instantly transforming a look! 

Which is your favourite look?

Loves. Emma.