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I've really been enjoying a spot of vintage shopping recently so haven't bought all that much ~new~, but it's finally time to showcase another sustainable clothing brand! If you've missed them, so far in my sustainable series I've discussed 2 clothing brands: Armedangels and People Tree. Now, number 3 on my list, a brand I've been lusting over on instagram for a long time, is Lucy & Yak! Mostly known for their statement dungarees (such as this fabulous pair that I am now the proud owner of), Lucy & Yak are a brand committed in working to sustainability, while maintaining bold, colourful styling. So me in a brand, basically!

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I don't really know why it took me so long to finally buy my first pair of dungarees from Lucy & Yak, considering how much of a dungaree lover I am; perhaps because they have SO many designs and I would love ALL of them? How are you supposed to choose only one? (I'm not made of money!) I finally managed because the colour way on this set just stood out to me. These are the 'Poppi Rock' design, 100% cotton and ridiculously comfy in the oversized style of fit. They may look hard to style at first, so much colour and print, but once you think about it (and see some inspiration from other peoples styling) there's a world of options tbh.

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Who Are Lucy & Yak?
Lucy & Yak are a small company set up by Lucy & Chris after they packed up to travel the world; first beginning by sewing tobacco pouches on the beach in New Zealand, they moved onto selling vintage clothing from their van 'Yak' where the love for fashion was truly sparked. They devoted time to finding the right partners to manufacture their designs, who were equally as committed to an ethical practice, and now with over 13 employees in the UK and 30 at their factory in India, every worker earns above the living wage. Their aim is to have a system where everybody wins
They started with only dungarees, but have since branched out to jumpsuits, dresses, tops, trousers and outerwear! (Yes, I most definitely do have my eyes set on this gem of a jumpsuit next.) They're honest and transparent in not being 100% sustainable but share their progress in working towards it; they use 100% biodegradable mailing bags to ship their orders, promising that every order will only contain items that are either Biodegradable, Re-usable, Recycled and of course Wearable. 
They use oganic cotton, and although the dungarees don't have buttons, the dresses/jumpsuits that do use either metal buttons or ones made of coconut shell - no plastic!

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Where Can I Buy It?
Their full range is online at but they also have a Depop store (where they first started selling: @lucyandyak) which offers a variety of deals.

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Top Picks
                    Pinafore                    Spot dungarees                   Jumpsuit                   Rainbow dungarees

Not only is it good to support sustainable brands, but small brands and brands whose pieces let you still have fun with your wardrobe! 

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