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As much as I bloody LOVE Autumn, Spring comes a very close second. Winter can sometimes get a bit too cold and miserable and dreary; Spring means the end of that, a fresh start and my birthday! (As I'm writing this, winter is very much still in full swing; the snow covering my car and my fleecey bedding not going anywhere, any time soon, but wishful thinking and all that!) A big spring clean always feels good whether you're getting the marigolds out in the kitchen, detoxing your social media or tidying up your wardrobe. I've been doing a lot of the latter just recently and my god does it feel good! I'm not talking just emptying everything onto your bed, making a pile for the charity shop and putting the rest back in a nice neat fashion (although that is always very satisfying) but various little ways that I've been changing things up.

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Wearing: Jumper, Saturday by Megan Ellaby - Trousers, M&S - Boots, Kurt Geiger (similar here) - Bag, Alexander McQueen (similar here) - Sunglasses, RayBan

Photography by Matt McCormick (korm87)

check trousers
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Buying Investment Pieces
I've rambled on far too often about how I'm trying to 'buy better' but I am (without spending mad, girl gotta eat!). I want to have a wardrobe full of longevity; pieces that I can really treasure, t-shirts that won't go misshapen within weeks and knitwear that won't go bobbly after 2 wears. This knit is from Megan Ellabys new clothing line Saturday and is actually a dream! I can't wear wool because it's so damn itchy and irritates my (very sensitive) skin, but I researched a bit into merino wool (which this is made 100% of) and decided to give it a go. The price is a little higher than I'd usually spend on one jumper, but absolutely worth it and I'll definitely be on the look out for merino numbers to invest in for next Autumn/Winter. I've also been spending a little more on shoes and handbags; these are two things that I'm much happier to invest in because you can get SO much use out of them. The boots are Kurt Geiger (bought in the sale last year) and the handbag is Alexander McQueen (found in TK Maxx!) so you can still get relative bargains when investing!

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Adding New Prints
My wardrobe is quite varied as is; lots of colour, texture and prints. But I'd still began to get a bit bored of it all and wanted a shake-up! So I've added a few new pieces; a cow print skirt, a zebra print pinafore and these check trousers. Check isn't a new print by any means, but the colour way was just so different to anything I have, and after seeing these in store when I went to check out the M&S Plant Kitchen range back in January (very good FYI) I simply couldn't get them out of my head and ended up going back for them. This may seem contradictory to the whole 'buying investment pieces' idea but they're very good quality (better than a previous pair of check trousers I had from Nasty Gal, for sure!) and I'm never gonna be one for a capsule wardrobe. As long as the things you're buying are of high quality and will last a good life, then that's enough!

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Bringing Accessories To The Forefront
This might not be the best outfit to showcase this as I've only accessorised with a pair of RayBans, but I'm really trying to add more to my outfits whether through jewellery, headbands, belts or scarves. It's an easy and relatively cheap way to transform an outfit; you can style one dress a myriad of ways but switching up your jewellery, adding a belt, throwing on a hat or wrapping round a scarf. I've bought a couple of new headbands just recently, those with the knot detail at the top that are everywhere, and I've been adding a necklace or two to sit over polo neck tops. Just little changes that really pull an outfit together! Next up on my list is finding a bucket hat!

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saturday by megan ellaby knit
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Clearing Out The Unworn
What's a wardrobe refresh without somewhat of a clear out?! I've not gotten rid of a lot, really, just a few pieces that were either past their best or I simply hadn't worn in a long time. But I like keeping on top of things, it keeps everything feeling fresh and most importantly, organised. My wardrobe is rather full (I don't have a walk-in-wardrobe with rails upon rails, unfortunately!) so I like to keep it all tidy and know what's where.

Planning any wardrobe refreshing for Spring?

Loves. Emma.