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This is quite the dramatic title for what is a rather mundane post tbh, and if you're coming here expecting me to announce that I'm off to travel the world or something equally as exciting, then I am very sorry.  I'm very much a homebody; I hate being away from my home comforts and I don't like sleeping in a bed that isn't mine, so as much as I would love to be trecking across Australia and 'living my best life' to the fullest, I just can't see it happening.
I simply couldn't think of a title for this post! 
The contents are actually very mundane really, in that I've recently been getting into some good routines and am feeling much more happy and comfortable with myself than I ever have before. So I wanted to share what it is that I've changed!

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I've dipped in and out of yoga for about a year now, just doing short workouts from YouTube in the comfort of my own living room, but since last month I've gotten into a good routine practising 3 times a week. (Still at home, I haven't found a local class with times that suit!) I find it works best for me and my body to get up and do this on a weekday, at 6am before work; it's the perfect wake-up and sets me up for a good day. It helps me to de-stress and stay calm, set an intention for the day ahead and my body is just feeling much more free than before I started! If you're looking to start some yoga at home, I would definitely recommend Yoga With Adrienne and Cat Meffan! If you've got any other recommendations, leave them below!

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Bullet Journal
I started a bullet journal and not to be dramatic, but it has quite literally changed my life. I'm a serial planner; I like to write everything down, known what is happening when and how long I have to do things, so I've always kept a diary. But bullet journals are so personal and allow you to be much more creative, I am honestly loving it! I keep a gratitude list each month, marking down at least one thing each day that I'm grateful for and it really makes you appreciate the small things in life. I have lots of little sections, such as monthly goals and a 'bookshelf' but my favourite thing is to just fill random pages with doodles and motivational quotes to get my creative juices flowing!

stella mccartney spring 2017 blouse outfit details

stella mccartney falabella and boots

Making time for hobbies
I've really fallen out of love with social media recently; I love writing and creating content for my blog, but the whole social media side of it and the competition of Instagram is just not for me. So I've been making an effort to switch off and make more time for things that I do enjoy. So along with spending my time doing yoga and getting creative with my bullet journal, going to the gym and reading everyday, I've also rediscovered some old creative loves! Cross-stitch and painting. (Hobbycraft is my new favourite store right now!) And I feel far more productive having something to show for my time that isn't just a bunch of photos I've double-tapped from an hour of scrolling! I've also spent this morning (yesterday, when this goes up) tie-dying a t-shirt and doesn't it feel good to customise your clothes?!

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And to showcase me being so happy in myself, what better outfit than that with all 3 of my pieces from my favourite designer! Triple Stella McCartney yas! Unfortunately they're all old season because a girl can not afford new, and even the jeans are no longer available (they were Next). But this shirt is iconic with the 'No Leather' and 'No Fur' statements down the back which unfortunately we didn't capture very well.

Loves. Emma.