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Working in an office, you have a lot of conversations, varying from what you're having for lunch to horror stories of getting your menstrual cup stuck (we won't go there, today!). But one thing that's a constant in our office is a lot of movie chat. Recommending movies new and old, talking about favourites and discussing new releases. And it was these conversations that made me realise I haven't seen a great deal of films, not really; I've not seen many of the 'classics' and I tend to just watch my favourites on repeat. So as we made a collaborative office list of must-sees, I decided it would make a good post to share and chat about my own top 10. 
So what kind of movies do I like? To be honest, I don't know. Just like if I was asked to describe my style or my music taste, I couldn't really define it. It varies! From this list it would seem I'm very much a fan of a rom-com and a feelgood film. Anything fun and uplifting is usually my bag really, but the occassional bit of adventure/fantasy, oh and horror! I love a good horror film. And I'm always up for a musical! 

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I find these lists are very personal, probably nobody is going to agree completely with my top 10, in fact I might not even agree next week when I suddenly remember a favourite that I forgot! But here goes anyway:

10. The Sound Of Music
This is my mums all time favourite and it holds so many memories! It's a nice, wholesome, heart-warming watch perfect for a sing-a-long. I also have the most vivid memory of a school performance when I was 5/6 years old where we all sang Do-Re-Mi and each had a different line - resulting in me squeaking 'MI' in the most high-pitched sound only dogs could hear. And I can't watch and not remember this with a smile!

9. E.T
I was very late to the E.T party but omg it's amazing. The friendship, the childhood determination, the LOVE! I don't think it's possible to not like E.T is it? I only wish I'd watched it as a child, it would've been so much more magical!

8. The Breakfast Club
I first watched this as a teen with an ex-boyfriend who was like 'oh my god you've never seen this, you must!' and tbh it's the only good thing he ever did for me in 2 and a half years! But it's just the simplicity of basically 5 actors in one room, no special effects, that really makes it. So poignant, yet funny, it's a coming of age classic.

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7. My Girl
Another great 'coming of age' story, but this one tackles grief in the perfect way. I fell in love with Vada as a young teen and wanted nothing more than to cycle everywhere! It's a great, funny yet touching movie that I can just watch again and again and never get bored.

6. Matilda
If you're a 90s baby who didn't grow up watching Matilda then there's something wrong! She is the perfect character that you want all kids to aspire to, so fiercely independent and the biggest bookworm. The characterisation is spot on and the soundtrack SO recognisable. I watch it every single time it happens to be on TV and more!

5. Love Actually
A Christmas film, but not just a Christmas film, Love Actually is so warm and happy and everything you need to watch after a bad day. Each of the storylines are so different yet all the same and it's just such an uplifting watch! My personal favourite, of course, is the Prime Minister and Natalie; which, can we have Prime Minister Hugh Grant irl please, I think he'd do a much better job than these clowns right now!

4. Harry Potter 
I can't talk about favourite movies and not include Harry Potter, which I rewatch on a v regular basis, always rewatching all 8 movies in order. I love the whole ~Harry Potter Universe~ and each of the films are great in their own way, but I think I have to say my favourite is Prisoner of Azkaban. Because Sirius Black! But honestly the whole magic of it all is just perfect escapism.

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3. Billy Elliot
Oh how I have loved Billy Elliott since the first time I saw it, it's just so charming. It makes you laugh, it makes you cry, it has some cracking one liners and an even better soundtrack!  It's an immensely moving story about the strength and integrity of the working-class and those born to be different. You're rooting for Billy right from the start and honestly, any film with Julie Walters in, you just know is gonna be a hit!

2. 10 Things I Hate About You
As did every other girl to watch this movie, I fell hopelessly in love with Heath Ledger. They use the base of Shakespeare's The Taming Of The Shrew to rework a modern-day teen comedy. With a strong female lead, it stands out from most other teen movies of its time, to make for a great, sharp and witty watch. It captures teen drama, fear and exploration perfectly!

1. The Lion King
My all-time absolute number 1 favourite film EVER. Not to be dramatic or anything. There's nothing not to love about The Lion King tbh (except maybe for Mufasas death which always gets me). It's feelgood fun, great songs, great characters, witty, funny and even, somehow, relatable? Oh and don't even get me started on the West End show. I CRIED. In fact, I could do a whole other post on my favourite shows at the theatre tbh! And yes I've already seen the remake and it is just as wonderful as the original; the characterisation is still spot on and the graphics?! Wowwww

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And there's so many more that I know I've missed but honestly, I could've been here for days! 
What are some of your favourites? Leave them below!

Loves. Emma.