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Summer is here! Even if it is only for one heatwave (global warming) filled weekend, it's hot and sunny and we're all digging out the skimpies from the back of our wardrobes. It's summer!

For as long as I can remember, I have simply not been a fan of summer dressing. The idea of not layering up, of wearing as little clothing as possible, of having a great deal of skin on show; it's just never appealed to me. I've always been about piling the clothes on and covering things up, hiding away. I wrote all about this last year if you want to check it out! 
There's one memory that always sticks out, when in my first year of University, going for a picnic with some friends wearing leggings, a tshirt and sandals. Not too summery, but not too not either! And I got hit with comments (from a male, obvs) that I was gonna melt. I didn't, it wasn't heatwave temperatures, just average summer sun. And it just made me even more self conscious. Did I look silly not wearing shorts or a skirt? What did everyone else think? But somehow, a miracle has happened, and this year I've simply stopped caring! 

It wasn't quite a lightbulb moment, suddenly changing everything I've ever felt, but I've simply found myself just pulling on some shorts or an a-line skirt, a little dress or a playsuit, and just not agonising over wanting longer sleeves or trousers that cover my thighs. (Much in the same way that I've stopped feeling the need to wear make-up for work everyday, but that's another chat in itself I guess!).

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So what's changed? The people around me. This isn't some 'I ditched my judgemental friends and found new, supportive ones' style post. I don't think I've ever really felt judged by my friends for my appearance. But it's the people I follow online, who I technically see more of than any friends; it's the different environments that I've found myself in and been inspired by; it's simply getting older and realising there's more to life than worrying over cellulite and bingo wings.
Since the start of the year I've been switching up my social media feeds, unfollowing accounts that make me feel bad and finding new ones that inspire and uplift me. I'm not following a bunch of fitspo's who make me feel bad for not working out daily; I'm not following all the Victorias Secret angels who don't have a single bad angle. Instead I'm following people who share the good, the bad and the in-between; people who share normal, everyday things that aren't so curated. Two people who do this perfectly are em_clarkson and alihemsley so make sure they're brightening up your Instagram feeds now!
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There's a lot of ~real life environments that I've found myself in, making me feel more inspired and confident than ever too! I went on a spa day with my mum a few weeks back and pushing myself out of my comfort zone to wear a swimming costume in public, along with seeing others doing so, definitely helped. I've now actually switched gyms to one with more facilities and have found myself throwing a costume on for a swim in the pool or to sit in the steam room or jacuzzi without constantly worrying. Nobody there actually cares if my swimsuit is flattering or not! 
My brother and his girlfriend are both into crossfit so we've been to a few of their competitions this year; seeing people so comfortable in such little gymwear, even if they're not your conventional slim body, is definitely inspiring. They don't care about looking good, their bodies are strong (like, really strong, have you seen what they do in crossfit?!) and that's what they focus on. And really, we all need to focus more on the incredible things are bodies might be capable of and less on what they look like.
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Whilst I am more comfortable in myself than I can ever remember being, we all still have off days. And the key to summer dressing when you're having an off day is to simply wear something that you feel comfortable in. It doesn't have to be skimpy if you don't want it to be, it doesn't have to scream 'summer' loudly. Learn what works for you!
- You can master layering without having to overheat. Lightweight cotton shirts or a denim jacket on top; cycling shorts or vests underneath!
- Get some shorts like these, that aren't tiny 'show your bum cheeks off' shorts and cover your thighs completely, but keep you cooler than your jeans and still look summery!
- Two personal favourites for summer: baggy crop tops (don't cling and show off your figure, flattering on everyone) and a-line skirts (a perfect hip and thigh skimmer).

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What are your summer wardrobe favourites?

Loves. Emma.