instagram and sustainability

Whenever there's things that you want to change in your life (or even if there isn't!) the people that you surround yourself with are the biggest influence. And this isn't just the friends/family/colleagues you spend your time with, but the people/accounts you follow online too. (Arguably more so?) It's 2019, we're all well aware that we're spending too much time on social media, but we also know the impact of influencers and so those who are doing something good with their platform are the ones you should want to be influenced by, no?

Instead of being tempted to splurge on make-up remover wipes that are terrible for both your skin and the planet just because someones made them look appealing for a quick solution, be tempted to invest in reusable cotton pads. Instead of lusting after yet another leopard print midi skirt that you do not need, just because someones styled it well, think about how you can work that styling technique into your current wardrobe!

Here's a few Instagram accounts that have influenced some good habits into my life:

Tolly runs a great account that both inspires me and really makes me think about my choices. She focuses a lot on ethical and sustainable fashion; asking questions about who made your clothes and encouraging people to not just minimise their wardrobes, but to look after the clothes they have and make them last. She shows that dressing more sustainable doesn't mean you have to lose the fun and colour! (Shes also responsible for the best Earth Day GIFs you find on Instagram and runs a fabulous, informative blog over at

Stephanie is fast becoming one of my favourite people on Instagram; with her #sustainableswapsundays, quick & easy vegan recipes and world of environmental knowledge, she's a great person to follow to learn more! Showing that the journey to being sustainable isn't smooth, Stephanie opens up honestly about things that she could maybe do better and that's the kind of transparency that helps everyone. 

If you don't know who Gina is, she's the powerhouse campaigner responsible for making upskirting a criminal offence! Along with campaigning for incredible causes, she's always offering up tips and tricks to be more environmentally friendly. It's Gina who actually showed me that supermarkets do plastic bag recycling last year and she shows that charity shops can offer up the best bargains, making the most fun wardrobes!

I've not been following Helena for all that long, really, but her posts are greatly informative and still aesthetically pleasing, she's fast becoming a favourite! She posts about all kinds of environmental issues whether that be air pollution, composting or the many campaigns that she gets involved in. It's just really uplifting to see people doing their best and being loud about it.

Leah is another fairly recent follow, who I actually found through the Organic Basics Instagram! She focuses a lot on ethical fashion but also speaks about all kinds of sustainability with the most stunning imagery and well-thought captions. She shares content from marches that she's been involved in as well as great thrifting finds!

@becomingvegans and @vegansupnorth
And extra shout-out to two of my favourite vegan Instagram accounts which are really helping me to eat more vegan meals, both at home and when eating out! They're each secondary accounts set up by people who I've loved following on Instagram for a while now (@laurenevie_ and @yasminjohalx) so the relatability definitely helps. But they show just how easy it is to be vegan in 2019, which as we all now, helps save the planet!

If you have any more recommendations then leave them below!

Loves. Emma.