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I think we're well overdue a rambly thinkpiece aren't we? It's been some time! 
If you've been here for a while, then you'll know that I've always said you don't need a niche when it comes to blogging, and I still stand by that, but I do think you need some kind of focus; a sort of plan on the direction to take your content, an understanding of what message you want to get across with your posts and somewhat of a recognisable ~style~ to everything that you put out. And recently I've been feeling like I have none of that! I've been rushing photos just so that I have something to share and I've not been all that inspired to write. But I think a change is coming! 
It's always the summer which demotivates and uninspires me the most, I remember writing a post very similar to this at the end of summer last year (coincidentally with accompanying seaside photos too!). The start of September and the sight of Autumn on the horizon means it is my time to shine.
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Lately I've just been getting photos as quick as I can, when someones on hand to help me; not really planning nice locations for my imagery and taking the time to get new and creative shots. I've just not been putting the effort in that I used to, so I'm trying to get back to that. Focusing on the content I enjoy creating, regardless of how well it 'performs'. 

So there are a few things that I like my content to focus on:
  • Sustainability! I have the Sustainable Series here on my blog where I share tips on being more eco-friendly along with sustainable fashion brands that are worth the money. I also share on-the-go snippets on my insta-story too so make sure you're following! I'm not perfect, I don't live a zero-waste life and I'm not completely vegan, but I'm making changes and sharing that journey.
  • Style! My initial reason for starting this blog and where my love for Instagram grew, was through sharing my outfits. My style has changed alot over the years and my shopping habits have too, but I still enjoy sharing what I wear and the pieces that I love, whether this is on the blog or Instagram.
  • Self-portraits! Last year I started really getting into photography more and began a mini-series on Instagram with some creative self-portraits. It fizzled out when I didn't have ideas or the time to create them but I'm determined to make the effort again. I love getting creative with new things and I'm feeling oh so inspired! You don't always need a professional photographer to make good content!
  • Thinkpieces! I've always loved writing; I used to spend hours after school writing fiction stories on the computer, but writing as a way to express myself, my thoughts and feelings in particular, just gives me the best feeling. So along with my fashion imagery you can expect the more in-depth topics of conversation to continue here on the blog.
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But I want all of my content to be somewhat recognisable as mine; to find a photography and editing style that I can stick to, to write words that compliment the photos I share and create videos that stay true to me, not what is popular. (Because I've started posting on IGTV now, dontcha know?!) So I'm hoping this (as with the end of summer each year) marks as a refresh in what I'm doing and a real turning point. I'm really happy with these photos that I got on a family seaside trip earlier this month and I think I want to include more ~lifestyle imagery in my blog posts; choose a good location to shoot and get both photos of myself to show off my outfit and styling, but also of the location itself. I want to play around with my camera more, basically!
So this might mean less blog posts as I can't guarantee getting out somewhere nice when the weathers nice too all that often, but at the moment I'm just hoping for one each week (on a Sunday!) and hopefully that'll be manageable. But at the end of the day I'm wanting to prioritise the quality over quantity! And I know I've only posted one video to my IGTV so far, but I'm hoping to start posting on there weekly too (Saturdays or Wednesdays, I haven't quite decided!) with a focus on sustainable fashion. My first was a 'come charity shopping with me', yesterday I filmed a tie-dye upcycling which will be up this week, and I'm thinking lots more upcycling, vintage shopping, 5 ways to wear, etc. Maybe a few non-fashion vids too, because I love nail art, painting and other creative hobbies too! But I'm enjoying experimenting with a fresh type of content.

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Loves. Emma.