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I watch very little YouTube, but one person I do watch religiously is Megan Ellaby. Her content is always just so fresh and a bit unique. I bloody love it! And a couple of weeks back she did a video all about the things that are inspiring her style choices right now; from catwalk shows to movies, books to Instagram. Everything! And I loved it so much that it got me thinking about where I get my inspiration from. Yes, of course a lot of it does come from Instagram and blogs, the occasional styling video on YouTube and catwalk shows. But there's so many other things too! So I thought I'd do a little round-up:

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TV Shows
Of course an obvious influence in our outfit choices is the shows that we watch. The ones that leave a lasting impact on us or that we see a lot of! And a big one at the moment, not only for me but I'm sure everyone else watching it, is Stranger Things! The whole 80s vibe of the show in general I love, but the style especially is a dream; the colour blocking, the bold patterns, the scrunchies! There are 2 stand-out outfits of Elevens that I can't stop thinking about: the navy blue paint splattered shirt with mom jeans, braces and a yellow scrunchie (I need to dig my braces out!) and that bright and bold, colourful geometric print romper. What a dream! Special shout out to Max's rainbow stripes and Hoppers Hawaiian shirt too. I just want to wear all of the retro, colourful pieces forever.
Another show giving me lots of outfit ideas right now is Killing Eve. We all had a moment with that Molly Goddard tulle dress of dreams in Season 1 and in Season 2 Villanelle is back looking fierce in everything she wears. How she pulls off those kids pyjamas is a mystery to me! But tailored suiting, head-to-toe pink and sleek sophistication are all vibes I'm ready to incorporate into my wardrobe. That black printed blazer paired with a purple blouse and silver trousers? The red co-ord tied with a black belt and boots? Some serious LEWKS.
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Vintage Shops
This year I've really gotten into vintage shopping in a big way. This includes charity shops and hunting out an eBay or a Depop bargain too, but there's just something about vintage shops that I absolutely love. The retro feel of them, the colourful pieces and prints, the reworked gems giving me DIY ideas for old pieces in my own wardrobe. It really inspires you to get a bit more experimental with your style and try new things! Not to mention the inspiration from the people in said stores, whether staff or other shoppers; everyone in these places just seems 10x more stylish than those you see in H&M or Topshop!

Ok bear with me, I'm aware this sounds like somewhat of a silly one! Earlier this year when I was wanting a more creative outlet and a hobby to unwind with at home, I picked up a few 'paint-by-numbers' kits from HobbyCraft. I used to love painting and all things art as a teen, so to get me back into it I thought a few basic (turns out they're rather advanced and not very basic at all!) kits to start would be good before investing in paints, brushes and canvases galore. And the colour combinations that they've been throwing out have given me all sorts of ideas! The bright and bold that comes with primary colour combos; the muted tones from every mix imaginable and just throwing multiple colours together for a big clash. It's inspiring me to be more creative with the colour combinations I put together!

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This is probably a very obvious one, but I fall in and out of love with Pinterest a lot as I don't really ~get it? I'm not sure why the accounts I follow don't show in my home feed and I have to go onto the following feed, seems to defeat the object? But I guess that's why they've stopped showing follower counts and instead use monthly unique viewers, which I'm a big fan of! Anyway there's lots of outfit inspiration to be found; an awful lot of tailored looks and far too many neutrals, but keep digging and you find a world of unique styles to inspire everyone! I just keep pinning away minding my own business, so it's quite the nice platform to spend time on really!

Man Repeller
There aren't very many sites that I visit daily, but Man Repeller is definitely one. The articles are often relevant, fun, informative and creative. Everything isn't too polished and I love that. Their articles on ways to style certain items always offer up fresh ideas, and there's so many articles just showcasing fun and colourful outfits, but the pieces I love to scroll the most are their 'Outfit Anatomy' and 'Office Apropos: What We Wore Last Week'. The outfit anatomy is a new series started only last month which breaks down an individuals style, where they found pieces and what made them buy it. The latter is rather self-explanatory! It's a look at what each of the women in the office wore the previous week; with so many different styles that each look so unique, it's definitely influenced my own outfit choices. 

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So where else do you find your outfit inspiration? 

Loves. Emma.