floral dr martens
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At the end of June, I never got round to posting my June round-up, even though it was all written (lazy, tbh!), so I decided to hold off on July and instead do a bumper special Summer round-up! A nice long chatty post! I've had rather a nice summer - not all that many plans and no big holidays, but sometimes they're the best summers to have. Just some chill time at home, exploring towns and cities nearby, a few day trips at the beach, trying new hobbies and a boat load of reading in the sun!
I've really embraced the dresses this summer, as you can see in these pics of my fave outfits!

green polka dot dress
lion king shirt

What I've Read
After a spell of not really reading much, I got back into it with a day at the beach laid out with my head in a book for multiple hours. I finally finished Michelle Obamas 'Becoming' which was an absolute delight; such an uplifting and inspiring read from a bloody brilliant woman; I flew through David Nicholls' 'One Day' which I can't believe I haven't read before?! And adored Rupi Kaurs 'Milk & Honey'; basic? me? I don't know what you're talking about! Along with a read of The Tales Of Beedle The Bard, because did you know I love everything Harry Potter?
In non-book related reading, I'm trying to make an effort to vary what I read in terms of magazines/articles/news. After discovering (very lately) my new favourite store Village in Leeds, I picked up an issue of Oh Comely which I have loved reading and will definitely be picking up future issues of! If you have any other ~indie magazine recs (or any recs in general!) please send them my way.

red dungarees
blue and red mini dress

What I've Watched
I binged my way through season 2 of Handmaids Tale before the 3rd season aired and I'm bloody loving it right now. The first season was very grim and I couldn't get through more than one episode without needing some light-hearted relief but in the next two seasons there's a bit more hope and a (very small) light at the end of the tunnel. A must-see!
Another binge-watch was Killing Eve which is without a doubt the best thing on TV at the moment. I love the characters, the actors, the witty one-liners, just everything about it. And I feel conflicted every time I find myself cheering on such an evil person, it's just incredible.
We can't not talk about Stranger Things 3 because oh! my! god! I'll admit the second season didn't pull me in as much as the first so I was a bit dubious, but they topped it this series. The styling, the characters, the plot, just everything! And boy did I cry like a baby at the end. A new discovery for me, which my friend at work has been telling me to watch for ages was Derry Girls. It's fantastic, hilarious and if you haven't seen it, please do; they're only short episodes and there's nowhere near enough in a series tbh!
Back in June, I took my dad to see American Idiot at The Alhambra after buying tickets for his birthday. Neither of us really knew what to expect, but it was a bloody brilliant show and really made me fall back in love with Greenday - I had a playlist on repeat in the car for weeks after. I also went to see Les Miserables, again at The Alhambra, with my mum and wow. What a show! We both left a bit in awe of it all; the singers were all incredible and the show as a whole was just captivating.
In August I went to Roundhay Park with some family & friends to see Ed Sheeran at Roundhay Park and we had the best day! Not only did he put on an amazing show (what a voice!) but Lewis Capaldi was supporting and he was bloody brilliant; and we had lovely sunny weather for it all! As much of a music fan as I am, I'm not a big gig or festival go-er because of the crowds, but sitting on the hill away from the rush made this a wonderful experience.
I can't talk about things I've watched and not mention Lion King! My all-time favourite movie, I was kind of scared for the remake, but it was amazing and still made me cry like a baby. The animation and graphics are just mind-blowing when you think about it tbh!

spot and stripe maxi dress
polka dot tie top

What I've Listened To
I've had a lot of GreendayLewis Capaldi and Ed Sheeran on repeat, all influenced by the above shows! But I've also been loving a whole load of Blossoms at the moment, along with some Peace and Spector throwbacks, as I find they just make the best driving soundtracks in the sunshine! Oh and I'm always loving a bit of The 1975 because, who doesn't? Their set at Leeds/Reading looked bloody wonderful and their new song is a good 'un! 
Because I'm a big Harry Styles fan, I read his Rolling Stone interview with Rob Sheffield (the best pairing we could've asked for!) almost immediately after it went online and they've compiled a Spotify playlist 'The Eternal Sunshine of Harry Styles' (great name) of all the tracks/artists he mentions and it's full of classic rock hits and some real gems - definitely worth a listen!
Because I've been enjoying sing-a-long playlists for driving in the sun, I'm not all that up-to-date with podcasts! But some episodes I have loved include Sam Fender on Happy Place, Greg James & Bella Mackie on Table Manners, Pat McGrath on Desert Island Discs, Olly Alexander on Table Manners, Reality TV And Me With Jamie Laing on Down The Rabbit Hole and every episode of The Receipts Podcast - those gals are a delight. 

leopard print dress
red jeans and leather jacket

Some Highlights

  • I joined a new gym at the start of summer with a pool, jacuzzi and steam room. I've really loved getting back into swimming (I'm such a water baby!) and also just having a nicer experience at the gym!
  • I've taken the time this summer to visit a few museums and art galleries and they left me feeling all kinds of inspired.
  • We've fit in a couple of beach days this summer on the east coast and I really love the calmness of being by the sea! 
  • On a sunny day, I love nothing more than getting out for a nice long walk somewhere scenic; and living in Yorkshire thats pretty damn easy! I always feel so relaxed surrounded by greenery.
  • I love a food festival and managed to visit a couple over the past 3 months with some friends. It always pushes me to try new food and also gives me inspiration for cooking too.

lucy and yak dungarees

Let me know what you've been loving over Summer!

Loves. Emma.