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Every October, I do some kind of post talking about Autumn; why it's my favourite season and why it should be yours too, basically. You can read last years annual declaration of love for Autumn here, and 2017's post on 10 reasons why Autumn is the best season here! Because I'm absolutely terrible at marking my blogs 'birthday' every year (it's some time in June I think), this has instead become my marker for looking back each year at how my content has changed. It makes sense when it's essentially my blog name, doesn't it?! And although for each of these 3 posts the photos have been shot on the same camera with the same lens, the improvement is insane. In both the images captured and my confidence in posing for photos; along with much better writing too! Personal growth we love to see!

This year I thought I'd talk about the essentials that everyone needs to make Autumn the best season possible. Whether it's pieces in your wardrobe, things to do or essentials to carry in your bag; there's many things that just scream 'Autumn' and you simply need when the weather turns and the evenings draw dark. You need your KeepCup in your bag to get a hot drink when it's raining; you need to dust off the slow cooker for all the warming dinners as the evenings draw dark; you need scented candles to light as soon as you get home and you need new TV series to binge-watch while sitting cosy under blankets. 
But anyway, here's my Wardrobe Essentials!

PYO pumpkins
wheelbarrow full of pumpkins
pumpkin face

Chunky jumpers
Autumn can be that weird in-between weather of 'do I need a jacket today' so the perfect balance is often to opt for a chunky jumper and give the jacket a miss, because who doesn't love being snuggly in an oversized jumper anyway? 

Knee high and OTK boots
Autumn signifies the end of bare leg weather, but before it's Winter and tights are an absolute necessity, long boots bridge the gap! Perfect with skirts and dresses of all lengths!

All of the hats!
I bloody love a hat and I don't know what it is about Autumn that makes it hat season, really, but it just is. So I've already dug out the fedoras, berets and baker boys. Not forgetting bobble hats too!

stella mccartney backpack
wheelbarrow fun
brown fedora

Leather jackets
As I said, Autumn is the in-between season of not needing jackets at all and needing big faux fur coats. Which is where leather jackets come in - warm enough without being too cosy and ideal for layering. See also: denim jackets and trench coats. 

One of the big trends for this season and something I have a slowly growing collection of in my wardrobe! Corduroy is much cosier and comfier than jeans and comes in all of the autumnal tones. (I picked up an insane pair of purple corduroy flares from Blue Rinse Vintage in Leeds the other week and am OBSESSED).

throwing pumpkins
cream knit jumper
mini pumpkin

And because you can't go on Pinterest at the moment without stumbling over Autumn must-do lists, I thought I'd share 5 Things You Need To Do!

PYO pumpkins (and carve them!)
Of course!! Is it even October if you don't go to a pumpkin patch? I used to just buy them from the supermarket but now the whole experience of a pumpkin patch is a must-do (and not only to get pics for the 'gram!). I spend far too long carving them afterwards too, because I set ridiculous expectations on myself. But it's all good fun.

Woodland walks
My favourite thing about living in Yorkshire and out of the city centres is the scenery. Nothing beats a long walk around a nature park when the air is crisp and the leaves are crunchy. Finished off with hot chocolate afterwards. Divine!

Sunday Roasts at a cosy pub
A roast dinner is arguably the best meal and no Sunday in Autumn/Winter is complete without one. But they're extra good if you go to your local pub and it's all warm and cosy with a log fire on too!

birchfield farm
pinstripe trousers
pumpkin picking

Autumn starts off the best time of year for both cooking and baking; homemade soups with warm bread and salty butter, yes please! But I'm really into baking right now and can't wait to make more apple pies and banana loafs to enjoy fresh and warm on a rainy day.

Collecting conkers
If you didn't grow up getting excited for conker season then I am afraid you very much missed out! While I'm not really about conker fights anymore, it still doesn't feel like Autumn without going out to find some. Also: good to keep in the house for warding off spiders, apparently?

pumpkins barrow
picking pumpkins
white and green pumpkins

What are the essentials you need in your life for it to feel Autumnal?

Loves. Emma.