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For the past 3 years, Refinery29 have been running a Money Diaries series which documents how women on different salaries, in different cities, spend their money. They detail a week-in-the-life and for nosey parkers like me, it is GREAT! It covers those on six-figure salaries, graduates in their first full-time jobs, those working multiple jobs to get by and everyone in-between. So because I enjoy reading them so much (like many others, given how popular they've become) I thought I'd keep my own little money diary. Partly for me to hold myself accountable for any silly spending, but also just for a bit of fun! Seeing how someone spends their money is a great way to get to know them!

So this was the week before last, 21st-27th October and it covered payday for me: I get paid on the 25th of every month! It doesn't actually show where most of my money goes, because my bills are generally 28th or 1st of the month but that isn't the point of this; it's more to highlight what I do with my ~disposable~ income. And here's what I spent!

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Monday 21st October
I usually work a straight 9-5 Monday-Friday but actually had this day off to use up some annual leave and give myself a nice long weekend. I didn't do anything special, just running errands and having me-time but that always involves shopping! It started with a trip to the farm shop for some fresh fruit and veg along with some grains and seeds from the refill station and other treats, coming to a total of £20.14. I then called into JYSK because I only discovered them recently and wanted to explore the store. I picked up some wicker baskets and a fancy paperweight I absolutely do not need, spending £21.99 in total, before then meeting my friend at Subway for lunch where I grabbed a margarita pizza sub (how good are they?!) for £1.99. I had my reusable water bottle so didn't need to buy a drink! After some photo taking, a walk round the local reservoir and an hour in the gym, I called into the supermarket for some fresh crusty bread which cost £1 to go with dinner! 
Total: £45.12

Tuesday 22nd October
Back to the office! I have breakfast at home and drive to work, so no expenses in a morning; I also had leftover leek and potato soup from the night before for my lunch, so ended up not leaving the office at all until 5 o'clock, instead opting to eat my soup and read my book for the duration of my lunch hour! From work, I drove straight home, ate dinner from what we already had in and then made some salted caramel brownies, of which I bought ingredients for last week! I set myself a challenge to bake along with GBBO each week and I'm so glad it's the final next week because coming home from work and baking every Tuesday is LONG (especially bread week, I hate dough). But it keeps me busy and meant I spent absolutely nothing this day, so I can't complain.
Total: £0

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Wednesday 23rd October
Although I took lunch with me today, in the form of a tin of soup from the cupboard, I still ventured out at lunchtime, mainly because I wanted some fresh air! I work very close to an Aldi, so just popped into there on my lunch hour for a mooch; I came out with some cereal bars to keep in my desk drawer for emergency snack times, and a scented candle. They've now started doing dupes for Yankee Candle and had a black cherry one (my favourite scent!) so thought I'd give one a go. Together I spent £4.47. Again, I drove straight home and ate dinner from what we already had in. I then spent the evening filling my bullet journal with pages to use up to the end of November! This is sounding like the most 'wholesome' (boring) week ever isn't it?
Total: £4.47

Thursday 24th October
I hate lunch food and always struggle with deciding what to have for my lunch if it's not a toastie from Costa everyday! So when there's leftovers from dinner, I always claim it. Today that was leftover vegetable 'shepherds' pie from the night before and it kept me in the office with my book for my lunch hour once again! Before setting off home I did pop into Aldi again because I'd seen they were doing heated faux fur blankets, so I nabbed myself one of those for £34.99 managing to resist buying any of the sweets/chocolate they were next to! I was intending on going to the gym this evening but ended up going straight home with a pounding headache and proceeded to curl up with my new blanket and a big bowl of my dads vegan chilli.
Total: £34.99

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Friday 25th October
I really should've picked a ~busier week to do this to make it somewhat more fun to read, but alas my life often is just this boring! I walked up to Greggs at lunchtime and got myself a vegan sausage roll and some tomato soup for lunch, which was £2.35 together! After work I went down to Hobbycraft to get some things I needed to make a rainbow cake for GBBO next week which cost me £10. My mums not been great this week as she was taken off her meds before having a procedure in hospital, but today that was over so I joined my parents for a Chinese takeaway (her choice) which my dad paid for. We then had a cosy night in hiding from the torrential downpours!
Total: £12.35

Saturday 26th October
A lazy Saturday morning was on the cards for me as I ended up sleeping in much later than necessary! So I decided to make the most of it and have a big brunch at home of veggie sausages, hash browns and beans. I then headed into town for a shopping trip with mum where the first stop was upgrading my phone; I went for the iPhone 11 and paid £40 upfront to switch to a Smart Plan. I also picked up some new tights for £3.49, but other than that it was quite the disappointing trip! Later that afternoon I was browsing the TooGoodToGo app (they work with lots of restaurants/shops to eliminate food waste and I would 100% recommend!) where I bought a 'Magic Bag' from my local Morrisons for £3.09 to collect the next day. I was supposed to be going out in Leeds for some drinks with friends but these got postponed because it's 2019 and apparently everyone is a flake now? Anyway, saving money and staying cosy and dry is much more ideal isn't it!
Total: £46.58

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Sunday 27th October
I think Sundays are my favourite day of the week y'know? And after the clocks going back I got another lay in, so what could be better! Starting the day with a swim in my gym, I then went to pick up my TooGoodToGo purchase from Morrisons which turned out to be far more than I was expecting; fruit, veg, biscuits, muffins and noodles! My first purchase through the app and certainly not my last. I then went to see my Grandma before heading out to Toby Carvery for a family dinner which again was paid for by my dad. This makes me sound really spoilt doesn't it, but it's not a regular occurrence! Promise!
Total: £0

So I don't think this was a bad week tbh; no frivolous purchases, no unnecessary clothes/shoes/make-up, only one lunch that I didn't take from home! And I must say that heated blanket was my best purchase possibly ever?! I will never be cold again. Keeping track of my spending definitely made me more conscious of where my money was going, however, so it's definitely something to do if you're trying to seriously save!

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What's your worst spending habits?

Loves. Emma.