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There are seemingly fewer positives to be seen in the world as every day passes right now; it's why I've been really limiting my time on social media and, in a miraculous contrast to every other person on the internet, have managed to reduce my screen time a lot on what it was previously. But surrounding yourself with the right people (virtually, ofc), taking in the right content and not getting overwhelmed by the sheer volume of opinions online is absolutely essential, in a global pandemic more than ever.

So taking note of that venn diagram that keeps doing the rounds of 'things you can control' and 'things you can't control' thinking about what to give your energy to, I thought I'd share just a few of the little pockets of happiness I've found in this time at home:

  • Having the time to dedicate to my bullet journal
I've seen so many people online joking about how they regret buying a journal/diary for this year now, but mine has been keeping me going. Whether it's spending time getting creative and doodling in it, making daily to-do-lists to give me a focus, or reflecting every evening as I fill in my gratitude lists, I don't know what I'd be doing without it. It's also a place to document this scary time and have something tangible to look back on.

  • Baking!
I've always enjoyed baking but it wasn't really until last year that I started to push myself past a basic box mix. So with this extra time at home and the abundance of new recipes being shared online (thank the LORD for Pret releasing that cookie recipe, am I right?!) I've been getting a little more creative and just this morning made some Jammie Dodger Blondies to a roaring success. Also v grateful that my local shop finally had flour in again this week, hurrah!

  • That feeling when you don't want to go to bed because the book you're reading is SO good and it's the first thing you think about when you wake up
I read very regularly but I've always thought of myself as a slow reader (I only got through 28 books in 2019 despite making a determined effort to read a lot) but I finally (I know I'm very late to the party) picked up Sally Rooneys 'Normal People' and oh my god, I devoured it in a day. I've not felt this way about a book in a long time; I laughed, I cried, I feel in love with both Connell and Marianne, with Rooneys writing and simply with everything about their story. Exquisite. I can't wait to binge the BBC series now and cry some more!

  • I've really gotten into running and that isn't something I ever thought I'd say
Yes I was a regular gym go-er until the middle of March, but I only went on the running machines as a chore. To get some cardio out of the way and boost my fitness. I never enjoyed it and it was my least favourite part of being at the gym. But I finally read Bella Mackies 'Jog On' which has been sat on my shelf for the past year and it just instantly made me want to get out down the lanes. I resonated with so much of what she shared, I instantly re-downloaded the CouchTo5K app which I've only ever used in the gym before, along with RunKeeper, and now my favourite way to start the day is getting a nice 30 minute run in. 

  • The house has never been so clean! Everything sparkles!
Because like a lot of us I've had a lot of free time on my hands, I've seemingly spent it wandering from room to room going 'what can I tackle next?'. I've cleaned the oven, aka the worst job in the house ever, I've scrubbed all of the doors (even the big garage door!), rearranged book shelves and my wardrobe, and I've taken every picture frame down to clean and re-hang. I feel like Mrs Hinch, but far less glam and with a more colourful home!

  • The joy of rediscovering old hobbies
When I tidied the bookshelves (because everything has been tidied and rearranged), I found my old cross-stitch patterns from years ago. There were many complete designs, one part done and one yet to be started, so of course I had to finish the incomplete one and enjoyed it so much I moved straight onto the next and have since ordered some threads and hoops to get into embroidery! I've also dug out some of my 1000 piece jigsaws to fill the time and consequently ordered more and have even had the water-colour paints out getting creative. It's all been wonderful in getting my brain to switch off and have some offline time.

  • I've been able to reassess my spending habits
I'd been getting a lot better with my spending over the past 2 years anyway, since I cut down on fast fashion, but that doesn't mean to say that I'm the most money savvy. I'd still get carried away with bargains in the charity shops, popping to Costa on my lunch hour or splurging on yet more books to add to my (slightly out of control) TBR pile. So whilst we're not going anywhere except the supermarket I've not a big difference in my spending. Yes I've placed a few online orders, don't get me wrong (books from my favourite independent book store; a new print for the bedroom from an Etsy store I fell in love with and some skincare necessities) it's still made me realise how much gets frittered away day-to-day.

  • And finally, of course, the closeness it's brought in my family
Outside of immediate family, we're not very close with anyone else. But everyone calling and video-calling to check in on each other is just wonderful. Dropping shopping off on my Grandmas doorstep is like the highlight of her week and it makes me so happy to do. I might be at capacity and failing to keep in touch with friends, but I'm still keeping some social aspects, so small steps!

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What have you found to be good in this strange, strange time?

Loves. Emma.