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Well hello there friends, how are we all? Keeping safe I hope! Now if you've been around here for a while you'll be well aware of how my shopping habits have changed over the past few years; my efforts to be more sustainable and my liberation from the clutches of fast fashion. And let me tell you, my eyes have been well and truly opened to the horrors of such a throw away industry. 

So if you're starting to take similar steps or just need a push in the right direction, then let me point you in the direction of Slow Fashion Season. Running from June 21st to September 21st, it's the perfect 3 month period to vow not to buy any new clothes. 
Of course, you can still buy if you want/need certain pieces but there are 4 key rules:
  • You can trade clothes! Swap pieces with your friends or participate in a wardrobe swap with like-minded people on the internet (I've seen a few people on Instagram doing this just lately since vintage/charity shops have been closed)
  • Upcycle or DIY your own clothing. So get creative! The other week I bleached some old jeans (yes, I was influenced by TikTok) and it's given them a new lease of life. I also love a good DIY tie-dye and who doesn't love some unique embroidery on their tee?
  • Buy second-hand or vintage. One thing I'm really missing right now is being able to rummage around charity shops and vintage stores. there are some real gems to be found and it's so much more rewarding than going into Topshop and buying the very same top you've seen all over Instagram. 
  • Support sustainable, local, small fashion labels. A new rule added for this year because independents are suffering hard right now!
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What are the benefits, you ask?
Well, I've written previously about how my wardrobe and my style as a whole is much more adventurous and truly ~me since I stopped buying fast fashion. I've become more creative in styling what I've got in a variety of ways; and picking up vintage pieces in unique prints and styles has got me piecing things together that I would never have thought to previously. So you might find a revitalised love for your wardrobe and give a fresh lease of life to your personal style.

You'll save money! You don't always realise how much money you're spending on clothes when it's a couple of t-shirts here and a pair of jeans there, but it all adds up. Second-hand pieces are much more purse-friendly and even better still if you do a like-for-like swap with friends! So going 3 months without buying new will give you some nice little savings; unless, like me, you switch to spending all your money on books!

But most importantly, you will be helping the planet. The fashion industry is one of the worst polluters. As Slow Fashion Season sum it up "The fashion industry is responsible for enormous amounts of water consumption (32 million Olympic sized swimming pools per year) and CO2 emissions (8% of global greenhouse emissions - and growing fast." Not only that, there is the sheer amount of clothing thats end up in landfill every single day. Whether it be old stock from fast fashion companies that gets dumped, or the clothes that get donated to charity shops with good intentions and they're unable to sell (because sadly they can only sell a small portion of what they receive!).

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So who's joining me?

Loves. Emma.