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Well, I say 'lockdown' has made me reevaluate my wardrobe, but really that is one of a few factors. And I've simply come to the realisation that I don't need the vast quantities that are spilling out of my wardrobe; I don't need shoes and boots in every colour and style imaginable; I don't need leather jackets, denim jackets and trench coats galore; and I certainly don't need items that don't fit me anymore which I have been simply unwilling to let go of. I don't work in fashion and each item in my wardrobe doesn't get worn as much as it should, so I simply can not justify the excess to myself anymore. I used to see bloggers sharing wardrobe tours and think 'well mine's only a fraction of that so it can't be bad!' but honestly, it still is. Just because you're not buying into fast fashion doesn't mean your shopping habits are good, over-consumption is still bad. Nobody needs 80+ pairs of shoes and boots Emma!!

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So what are the factors that brought this reevaluation about?

Lockdown, as I said. The fact I've been at home 90% of the time wearing the same 20% of my wardrobe on repeat. Obviously this was due to the fact that nobody outside of my house was seeing what I looked like, unless I decided to post on Instagram, so it didn't matter if I wore exclusively baggy t-shirts and leggings. But it just kind of brought home the extent of how many clothes in my wardrobe I don't really wear, and could they have a better life somewhere else, y'know?

Instagram. Sounds odd, I know, because we're all used to this having the opposite effect. But following the right people, seeing an influx of chatter about Slow Fashion Season and more of a focus on shopping your own wardrobes, I've been really looking at what I own, what's missing from my wardrobe (not a lot) and what's not being worn. The wardrobe challenges that have been occurring throughout lockdown have definitely been a big factor in this; actively looking through the clothes I own and finding new ways to style them.

Seeing everything laid bare. We've spent the past 2 weeks decorating my bedroom, which meant removing everything from said bedroom first. In that process of moving the clothing rail, chest of drawers, wardrobe and under-bed shoe storage, it brought home just how much I have. And just how unnecessary it all is. I've since left multiple bin liners full of items in another room which I am (slowly) listing on Depop as I'm trying not to add to the overload which charity shops are facing right now. So please have a nosey!

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I'm never gonna be a capsule wardrobe kind of girl, I simply love clothes and styling too much for that. But it doesn't need to be as excessive as it has been the past few years. I love having an array of prints and colours to choose from, rotating from minimalist outfits one day to loud and lairy the next. The thing I need to cut back on is getting carried away with buying things in charity shops just because they're a bargain, and spending so much time searching and bidding for things on eBay when I'm bored. I want to really make the most of the pieces I have in my wardrobe because, to be honest, there are some GEMS.

So what are some of my favourite never-letting-go-of pieces in my wardrobe?

Vintage shirts, like this one, that brighten up any outfit and make you look (and feel) more put together than you actually are.
Dungarees. Whether it's this denim pair which were from Monki about 5 years ago, or my colourful Lucy & Yak pair, I just bloody love a good pair of dungas!
Converse and Vans. A lot of people say you're either a Converse or Vans type of person, but I don't agree because I have multiple pairs of each and love them equally. The comfiest everyday kind of shoes that go with any outfit.
Leather Jackets. I have a few different leather jackets which I can't part with including a vintage St Michael one and a tasselled number. They're not just a jacket to keep you warm, but to add another layer to your outfit and styling. As much as I love a denim jacket, leather wins.
Band Tees. Some of my most-loved and most-worn pieces are definitely band tees; whether vintage ones that have been lucky finds or ones bought at live shows, they all have a special meaning to me.
Straight Leg Jeans. I spent far too many years wearing exclusively skinny jeans, but last year I saw the light and wouldn't trade my vintage Levis for anything.
A-Line Skirts. I'm firmly a trousers over skirts/dresses person, but when I do fancy wearing something more girly 9 times out of 10 it's an a-line skirt. They're the most flattering fit and just a favourite for my body.
Ankle Boots. Doc Martens, chelsea boots or cowboy boots, I just bloody love an ankle boot of any style. They go with anything in my wardrobe and work any time of year. A hero.
My Burberry trench coat. The most expensive piece of clothing I own and one I saved up a long time for, admiring longingly. My trench coat isn't the most-worn because I am not wearing a jacket that expensive to work everyday on an industrial site, sorry. But it is the most-loved!
Hats! Bucket hats, fedoras, baker boy caps, whatever the style I just love wearing hats. I love the statement they can add and the way they immediately transform your look. Also great for good hair days too!

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