slow fashion season

Somehow, 2020 is the first year in which I've committed to Slow Fashion Season in its entirety. Last year, I completed Second Hand September (to much success) but aside from that, I've simply been trying to improve my shopping habits bit by bit, all year-round. If you're not aware of Slow Fashion Season, you can read my earlier post all about it, but it's a 3 month period in which to commit to buying no new clothes; only second-hand clothes via vintage stores/charity shops/clothes swaps, etc. And I've found it very very easy! Maybe that's because, like I've mentioned, I've been changing up my shopping habits anyway; or maybe it's because we're still in the midst of a pandemic so I've not been out shopping or thinking about new clothes in the same way as previously. But either way, I've not found the season all that challenging and the only thing I have on my list to buy new now that it's over, is some good black leggings as mine are thinning! So if anyone has any sustainable/ethical recommendations, please leave me a comment.

What have I been buying throughout Slow Fashion Season then?

Not all that much, as it goes! In order to really improve my shopping habits, I decided to start a list on my phone of items that are missing from my wardrobe, that I know will get worn a lot and styled up in various ways, so I've been trying to stick to only buying those items. I've not stuck to it 100%, but it's definitely a good way to help with overconsumption!

black levi wedgie jeans

My favourite pair of jeans in my wardrobe are a pair of Levi wedgie jeans; they fit like a dream and I wear them with everything, so when I landed my new job at the start of August I decided to treat myself to another pair, but in black. I was initially going to wait until the end of SFS to buy new, but then thought twice about it, searched Depop and instantly found a pair in my size for less than £30! I was physically jumping up and down I was so happy, and when they arrived I was very relieved to find they fit as well as the blue pair. If you know your size, Depop is always worth a check before looking for new!

vintage bib collar blouse

One thing that has been at the top of my list for wanting to buy for a while now, is a bib collar blouse. I've seen that Sezane one all over instagram and the layering/styling options are literally endless, for the coming seasons especially! But given both the price and the fact I was committed to SFS, I took to scouring for a vintage option instead. And after weeks of searching, I finally spotted this dreamy little number from Reina Vintage via their Depop store and it is everything I wanted. 

brown check trousers

My final Depop find of Slow Fashion Season was a pair of brown check trousers. I've been after some like this for such a long time, but just couldn't find any in the style that I wanted on Depop/eBay/any vintage store I know of. Until this Pull & Bear pair appeared! There was an outfit I'd seen on Pinterest and wanted to recreate, so I was very specific about finding the right trousers. I've still not actually recreated said outfit yet as it's very autumnal and not been quite cold enough, but I'm still happy with the trousers and how good quality they are for less than £10!

corduroy vintage shirt

I finally ventured back into Leeds city centre this month and boy was I excited! There's a new Cow Vintage store which I was dying to visit as I love their Manchester branch, and it certainly didn't disappoint; I had to resist from buying half of the store. It's quite good for my bank balance that you can't try things on in-store because I don't want to get home, find out something doesn't fit, and have to take it back, so I'm far more picky! I spotted this pink corduroy shirt though and it was a must-have. Not on my list, but something I will get a lot, a lot of wear out of!

Have you joined in with Slow Fashion Season this year? How have you found it?

Loves. Emma.

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