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It's not a new discovery that I enjoy going for long walks; especially ones with beautiful scenery that end with a hot chocolate by the fire, but it's definitely a love that's been heightened this year. The fresh air, the appreciation for nature and the things around us, the breathing space it allows for when things are getting A Lot™.

When the country first went into lockdown back in March, I began going for a lot more walks than normal, simply to get out of the house. They weren't autumnal walks then of course, they were walks broken up with spells of sitting to soak up the sun, walks where sunglasses and a bottle of water were the only essentials (ice lollies if we were lucky!) and they were walks mandatory for getting out of the same four walls we faced daily. At this point I was furloughed (before being made redundant) and going for a walk (much like reading and various other hobbies) was essential for giving structure to my days and making me feel somewhat productive.

grey bobble hat

reflection on the lake

owl tree carving
Since things have been back up and running somewhat, I've continued the nice long walks, albeit less often. Whether it's driving out to a beauty spot (which we did for these photos, Hollingworth Lake is definitely one to visit), trekking to the local nature parks or simply roaming the fields/lanes where we live, it's been a much-needed solace. 

Now, going into a second lockdown, things are feeling a lot different. I have a new job which I'm feeling secure in and which will keep me busy throughout; my days won't be empty to fill with walks, reading, painting or baking; but that doesn't mean any of those things aren't still essential. It might be harder now to fit walks in, when it's dark by the time I finish work and the weathers miserable each weekend, but wherever we can we'll be sure to fit them in.

ducks at the lake
lakeside view

Crunching autumn leaves, falling conkers, hot chocolates and bobble hats; it's the best time of year to be out walking. And if for now, we can't conclude a walk with a roast dinner at the pub then yeah that sucks, but it's not the end of the world. Here's to being grateful for the small pleasures in life, for our health and our loved ones.

autumn styling

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