Well, hello there! It's been quite some time hasn't it? I've simply had no inspiration nor motivation to write or create content of any kind recently. But I hope you're all well and finding joy where possible in this funny old year.

When I started my bullet journal for 2020 I began with 3 statements of what I wanted the year to be. 'The year of Growth. The year of Hobbies. The year of Happiness.' And despite everything else that this year has seen, I genuinely think it has been exactly this for me. I couldn't have picked more appropriate descriptors, in fact! No, when I said 'the year of hobbies' I wasn't quite anticipating to find my love for said hobbies through a national lockdown and being out of work, but I appreciate them all the more for how they saved me in such a situation. And speaking of which, my bullet journal has been an absolute god-send over the past 12 months. Most people binned off their journals/diaries this year given the lack of plans we've all been able to make, but for me it's been essential to have somewhere to put down my thoughts and doodles and reflect on the year. I started keeping mood trackers in it over the summer too which has made a world of difference for looking back on each day.

So really, I just wanted to round-up my year and share the pockets of light that have managed to make 2020 salvageable, for me! 

  • I got a new job! Yes it was less than ideal to be made redundant in the middle of a global pandemic, but after only one month of unemployment, I not only secured a new job, but a new job that keeps me very busy, is closer to home and actually makes me feel like a valued employee. What a novelty!
  • I've read 48 books in the past 12 months. I used to be a real bookworm when I was younger, but growing up, life gets in the way and I kind of lost that passion. I've tried for the past few years to get it back, setting goals on GoodReads, etc., but it's not really happened for me. Until this year! A combination of finding the right books and lockdown giving me more free time, I've ploughed through far more books than I expected and I couldn't be happier about it. 48 is a lot for a slow reader like me, and you might have noticed my 'monthly round-ups' have transformed into 'what I've read this month'. I'm enjoying this change and will shortly have a post on my favourite reads of 2020, so keep your eyes peeled for that!
  • I've gotten into some good routines/habits. In various ways, I've really honed in on the self-care this year, much like many others I assume! And it's definitely resulted in my feeling more content in myself and who I am. I've been journalling, switching my phone off an hour before bed, getting out for walks/jogging in the fresh air, lots of little things that have been really valuable to me this year.

And a few top fives!

TV series that I binged:
  • Normal People - I watched this twice and have recommended to everyone and anyone. So so wonderful!
  • New Girl (not new, but new to me!)
  • The Crown
  • Little Fires Everywhere
  • Bridgerton - yes it only came out at the end of the year but I sped through it and thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed it!
Albums that got me through lockdown:
  • Fine Line, Harry Styles (of course!)
  • Folklore, Taylor Swift
  • Punisher, Phoebe Bridgers
  • The Slow Rush, Tame Impala
  • Women In Music Pt.III, Haim
Purchases of 2020:
  • Aldi hot chocolate maker - a dupe for the Hotel Chocolat velvetiser and worth every penny
  • New book shelves
  • Embroidery hoops and thread
  • Wii fit - I rediscovered the joy of simple balance games, pretending to hula hoop and ski jump has produced many laughs!
  • Silk scrunchies

What's been your highlight of 2020?

Loves. Emma.