Easing into the new year with books, biscuits and an extra long hot water bottle? In all honesty, I couldn't think of a better way to be spending January right now. The run up to Christmas was a busy time for me and I kind of burnt myself out, so despite the fact I'm still working in the office full-time, I'm really m
aking the most of lockdown 3.0 to embrace the slow things in life and revel in some self-care. And yes, sometimes that's in the form of a long walk on a snowy day, because we've had quite a few of those already this year. I've always lived on high ground and we get the worst of the snow, so I'm very used to it but that doesn't mean I wasn't jealous of everyone who is working from home and doesn't have to drive in it!

I've already ticked 4 books off of my 2021 TBR which I'm rather pleased with. I managed to hit 48 books last year, but I know that that was largely down to lockdowns, losing my job and being at home for 4 months! So I didn't want to set a higher goal this year given that I have a new busy job and *fingers crossed* we won't spend the majority of the year in some form of lockdown again. So I'm aiming for 40! And my TBR is a little different this year with less current books; for Christmas I got a '100 must-read books' scratch-off poster so I'm trying to make my way through a lot of the classics that I've either not read/read so long ago I can't remember. But there's still some more recent releases that will slip through; Akala's Natives is on my shelf waiting for me to pick it up and Sally Rooney and Taylor Jenkins reid both have new releases due this year which I'm rather excited for. I'm currently reading Sweet Sorrow by David Nicholls as a break from classics, because I didn't get round to it when I picked this up last year. I adore his work!

Another thing I'm making a lot more time for this year is my bullet journal. I found it to be such a saving grace last year and I really want to use it to give myself more focus and put my energy into what's good for me. I'm already enjoying my new layout, complete with a monthly mood tracker and gratitude list which were the 2 game changers for me last year. I've also started a habit tracker, so I can consciously make more time for things like writing, reading or jogging, as well as using it to monitor my water intake to ensure I'm getting my 2 litres everyday!

I really fell out of love with social media last year, and I must say everything feels a lot lighter and brighter not worrying about it. Not constantly thinking about getting a photo of my outfit, or what I can post on my story; not doing things solely with a purpose of sharing them online. I go online everyday still, don't get me wrong, but only a quick flick through stories and a scroll on twitter to keep up-to-date. Nothing like the hours I was racking up this time last year! I've also unfollowed so many big influencers because the lack of self-awareness in the midst of a global pandemic is astounding and I'm just not here for it. 

Less time on social media means more time for reading, working out, doing a jigsaw or for simply de-stressing in front of the TV, and I am absolutely here for it.

How has your 2021 started?

Loves. Emma.

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