summer style

Well hello there! It's been a while hasn't it? I've been in somewhat of an uninspired/unmotivated slump for the best part of a year now and a lot has changed with me; the things I value, the things I love and what I want to be putting out to the world. To top it off, 2021 thus far has been the worst year of my life so I just wanted to write and ramble and share something.

For years now, my biggest passion has been clothes; curating my dream wardrobe, hunting for thrifty finds and sharing my outfits online. Dipping in and out of trends, leaving the horrors of fast fashion behind, I've been on quite the journey. But since around autumn-time, it's all kind of come to a grinding halt. And why? Well it mainly stems from the continuous lockdowns we've been in, not having occasions to dress for, not being able to trawl vintage shops, and simply not putting outfits together like I used to. 

But on top of that, my main source of inspiration when it comes to fashion is through social media. And I've lost all interest in (and respect for) many of the people online who have inspired me most, simply due to the gross lack of awareness they've had throughout the past year. An ugly personality always shines through doesn't it? 

In the Spring of last year I was making the most of my wardrobe whilst stuck at home; joining in styling challenges on Instagram and getting creative with outfits for my daily walks and trips to the supermarket. But it seems I could only keep that up for so long before succumbing to a life of pyjamas and loungewear. I don't know what exactly caused the switch, but since then I simply struggled to put outfits together. I suddenly didn't like half of the clothes in my wardrobe, wasn't sure if many of the items were very ~me~ anymore and I wasn't finding inspiration anywhere I looked. I've bought very few clothes over the past year because not only have I not been wearing much of what I own, but I just prefer in-store shopping to online and there hasn't been as many opportunities to get out browsing really, has there? But since the shops have opened up again this last time, I've been out often browsing, getting all kinds of inspired again and have picked up a few new pieces. Last weeks trip to my local charity shop may have been highly unsuccessful, but I've picked up bits here and there in recent weeks and I think I'm finding my sense of style again. A new sense of style. 

Whilst I've not been sharing much online, I've been ploughing my time into reading and working out and I simply feel like I'm in a much better place mentally for doing so. I don't want to lose that, I want to share the books I'm reading and the runs I've been on but I've simply had too much going on at home since February so I'm trying to find my feet again. And maybe, just maybe, I will find my groove in sharing snippets of my outfits online again too! If only there was a new platform solely for photos, because lemme tell you, I am not here for reels and seeing Instagram try to become a copy of TikTok!

Loves. Emma.

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